Friday, January 1, 2016

The Flowers’ Tale to Star Wars: Daddy (No Spoilers) 
What is the sweetness in the flowers' scent 
Add to this the marvel of a movie and the return of a YouTube legend 

The Flowers’ Tale (English sonnet) 

The flowers in their meadow tell a tale
About an ever after and a day
When sweet delights of dreamers had their way
And fancies flowing from two hearts prevail
They share the precious moment with the sun
They whisper of its scent to passing breeze
Their beauty holds those timeless memories
As bars to hidden always come undone
But in the years of winters after fall
As couples have to answer nature’s flow
So many tears must enter river’s call
Which cast to ocean colors of their bow
Yet in their meadow flowers still recall
Young hearts who came to love each other so

In this sonnet we have flowers telling a tale. The tale becomes a picture. A picture we should all be able to relate to. The flowers become a couple in love. Then comes the conflict, as the quatrains change to couplets. The sonnet ends with a resolution grander than the love affair.

I could talk about Arlene and me, but I have had the fortune of coming in contact with many others. I'm certain you have too. One in particular. A couple so much in love that age had no power over them. Wherever one was, the other was close by. These two exuded love. At dinners, dances and picnics they were the young lover who just met. We, who saw them, became the flowers, to tell their tale. I'm sharing it now. Love (in my opinion) is magical. I believe there are places, things and moments which carry love's memories. Memories to enhance others. Memories that love was there. Memories that form pathways to forever. Forgive me if I am a bit too romantic. But there was this couple.

Talk about tender memories: Harry Belafonte "Try To Remember" 

And now some memories not so tender 

The first paperback book was printed by Penguin Publishing in 1935. On July 15, 2012 South Korean artist PSY released "Gangnam Style", which at over 2,487,174,359 views, is YouTube's biggest hit. On November 30, 2015, PSY released "Daddy". which already has over 83,411,693 views and is expected to go much higher. On December 14, 2015, Disney released "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", which at over $11 billion broke all kinds of box office records. On December 16, 2015, Screen Team released a parody combining these two pieces of 2015 history.
Read all about it, in a paperback published by Penguin. "Star Wars: Daddy - Fan Music Video (No Spoilers)"

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True love is eternal, infinite, 
and always like itself. It is 
equal and pure, without 
violent demonstrations: it is 
seen with white hairs and 
is always young in the heart.
Honore de Balzac