Friday, January 8, 2016

The Fog to Jess' Big Date 
When the fog clears we find ourselves in the realm of tankas 
When the fog clears we find out what happens when a super spy goes on a date 

The Magic (tanka) 

He spent so much time
Trying to break the secrets
Of the magic show
That he had totally missed
The magic he gave away

The Fog (tanka) 

So strange was the fog
Which had settled in his streets
That cold summer’s day
That when it finally left
He found himself all alone

Settling Hours (tanka) 

The settling hours
Which brought comfort to the day
Now scours through the night
Searching for some reasoning
To make it all feel worth while

Since I have our minds going with these tankas, let's let our minds trip a little further. As many know, I live in San Francisco  I find it hard to believe, that all races of people were not represented in my elementary school. I can't remember. I first learned about race when a teacher, Mr. Land became a major influence in my life. It was then my mother told me all about races, and I found out why my friend Michael wasn't welcome in my house. Michael was Jewish. Mr. Land was black. My mother was a racist. When I entered high school The Chinese gangs, the Joe Boys and the Wah Ching were at war. At the time, a predominately black school, Polytechnic, was closed for repair. Most of the students came to my school,. Galileo. An interesting thing happened. The gang war was put on the back burner so that the gang members could make the blacks' day a living hell. We non-Asian and non-blacks tried not to be seen. I was protected, because I was on stage a lot. My star status gave me certain privileges. I wonder how privileged I'd be if the gang members found out I was seeing a Chinese girl? When I first worked for Chevron, in 1972, all of the executive's floorwalkers were black. Floorwalkers were men who ran errands for the executives. When Chevron realized there might be a problem with this, they brought in an Asian man to be a floorwalker. When Chevron finally saw the error, they eliminated the position of floorwalker. When I joined the Masons in 1991, blacks weren't welcome in all Lodges, even though Masonry is not supposed to be racist. It was explained to me. the fraternity's membership was old and living in a past. I was privileged to be one of the secret members of a "secret" organization who helped correct this idiosyncrasy. When I started courting Amor, my current wife, I took her into my world. I did what every boy does and showed her off. She, being Filipina, I introduced her to the Filipino communities that I frequented. Amor comes from the very poor part of the Philippines. My friends would introduce me to classism.

To take us one step further (or bring us back): Gnarls Barkley "Going On"  

Let's enter the world of dating on another level 

Many people don't know that George Washington was a member of The Culper Spy Ring, an American spy network. His secret code number was 711, like the 7-11 "corner markets". Coincidence!? A little more down to earth but in the realm of Wow, Freddie Wong and Rocket Jump bring us Jess. Jess is an American super spy. Her current assignment has her battling a Russian mob ring. But all that has to be put on hold for now because Jess has a date for the evening. 
What's Jess' secret code number? Watch the video and find out why I'm not telling. "Jess' Big Date" 

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When people ask where I studied 
to be an ambassador, I say my 
neighborhood and my school. 
I've tried to tell my kids that 
you don't wait until you're in 
high school or college to start 
dealing with problems of people 
being different. The younger you 
start, the better.
Andrew Young


  1. Racims and classism (and a few of the other isms) seem to be ubiquitous. Even trying not to be guilty I sometimes fail.
    It really is time that we realised that there is no room for it. If instead of dividing the world into us and them we realised that it is (or should be) a community and work together. Yes, I know I am a dreamer.

    1. I'm with you.
      I believe we can do so much more by building on our differences.
      Thank you

  2. Enjoyed reading about your introduction to the diversity of life. I remember in 7th grade when my school accepted its first black students. My teacher was from Mississippi and it was interesting to watch the changing times.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your valued input.

  3. I spent most of my formative years in area where there were no minorities. By the time I graduated high school. we had our first minority in the county in the person of a girl in the next town over, who was half-black. Ironically, I received my first taste of racism when I asked a group of black men where someplace was during my first week of basic training in the Army. They were civil enough, but I could tell that they did not want to have anything to do with me. Of course, that may have had nothing to do with me being a white boy.

    1. Once I went drinking at a black bar. My friend said they didn't want me back (because of my color). We never went back. My friend was black.
      Thank you for your contribution