Monday, January 4, 2016

The Sunset Calling to Other Side Of Adele's "Hello" 
As one soul hears sunset calling  
Another answers to Adele's calling 

The Sunset Calling (free form poem) 

Search the sunset calling
Calling after me
Over meadows
Over blossoms
Over seasons of tomorrow
Searching sunset’s calling
Calling after me
Over all hopes
Over those dreams
Over the eyes taught how to see
And what did one expect to hear
Over the winds
Over the sands
Familiarly different view
Over the hills
Over the clouds
Reaching across what all has done
Over this span
Over this care
Searched for sunset’s calling
Calling after me
Over long years
Over false fears
Over the hands hoping to touch
And there in one’s glory it rests
Over the day
Over the fuss
Over the tears
Over the Joys
Over asking
Over reasons
Over all else
Over once more

Is this truly a free form poem? There is no rhyme (intended). But look at the structure. The poem starts out with a sense of order. As "over" takes command of the poem, this "sense of order" dissipates. As the poem continues, the speaker tries to return to the original flow. But we see what happens.

Depending on where we are on life's path, this poem's message is quite different. I have been blessed with an unusual and rich life. Yes, I am old. But in today's world, there is so much more open to the old person. I, on the other hand, am struck with a disease that is robbing me of my body. So I clearly see my two worlds: possibilities and reality. For those younger than me, remember how life made me young again and let me relive my disco days. Proof that that kind of thing does really happen. We exist in a realm of possibilities. At the end of this is who really knows, I am a Christian. I personally believe there is something after death. Having studied the bibles for over five years, I sadly sense its meaning has been altered. (This is just my opinion.) I have shared the story of Jake who died happy with his life. He was Jewish. I got in trouble for pointing out the non-religious truths which the bible is flowing with. Consider the laws of natural physics. The point of all these floating ideas is: We should live our lives to the fullest. We should live our lives to our own satisfaction. When it is over it is over. Let's make our over into an over.

Now let's listen to another sunset calling: Mi "Sunset" 

Hold everything, Adele calling 

Today's mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. I'm pretty sure this was not what was being discussed at a business meeting when Adele called. The team at College Humor have put together a video giving their theory on the meaning of Adele's hit song, even though Adele has made public the true story behind the song "Hello!?" 
Well, the routine is pretty funny. "The Other Side Of Adele's 'Hello'" 

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Don't you ever get the feeling 
that all your life is going by 
and you're not taking advantage 
of it? Do you realize you've lived 
nearly half the time you have 
to live already? 
Ernest Hemingway


  1. I believe this life is all we have. Which gives me a really good incentive to make the most of it. No second chances. No joining people I love again. So I need to tell them now that they are loved. And live as ethically as I can.

    1. You got it.
      Heaven or no, I believe your way is the right way.
      thank you

  2. Great post! Have you considered publishing your poems?

    1. Thank you, that is very complementary of you.

  3. I finally listened to Adele's new Hello, and it surprised me. For most (if not all) of her previous songs were driven by her anger over being betrayed and abandoned by the one she dearly loved. Whereas, Hello was about her sorrow over the break-up being her fault. It sounds like she may have gained some humility during her time-out.