Saturday, January 30, 2016

There We Stood to If Adults Acted Like Children 
Follow two lovers as they grow older 
What if we didn't grow older 

         (Yes, that's Arlene and me back in the 70s

There We Stood (free form poem) 

A teardrop’s flow
Which led to a kiss
Those summer nights
And all the magic youth will brings
And there we stood
The city’s glow
As we sipped the wine
Of our wedding day
So high upon our mountain top
And there we stood
We didn’t know
The thistle and thorns
Which constantly grew
In our luscious spring garden
And there we stood
So we would grow
Learning how to dance
Learning how to trust
Learning the power of freedom
And there we stood
Such dreams we’d show
Others wondrous eyes
Who entered our world
Of timeless possibilities
And there we stood
Then came life’s blow
Kiss my morning
The bright scent of flowers
As she didn’t rise from our bed
And there I stood

This is an interesting poem. once we get passed the sadness. The last line, of each stanza seems to change as the couple grows. Yes, all the first lines rhyme and have a four beat pattern. This was done to symbolize life's order. 

There's really not much to add. This was a synopsis of our time together. Having been blessed to have this happen to me I would like to pass this along. There is more to life than "reason" would have us believe. I lived a dream that most could only hope for. Arlene and I passed through deserts of thorns to mountains of rich forevers. Perhaps you are a traveler too. Perhaps you live a dream too. Perhaps this poem is an affirmation. 

A montage capturing another magic couple: Elton John - an instrumental version of - "Your Song" 

Before we wish to be young forever 

According to internet sources, anywhere from 42% to 47% of teenagers can text with their eyes closed. That is, if we can believe anything we read over the internet. Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, have conducted a study of their own. They wanted to know what it would be like if adults acted like kids. (I can hear what some of us are thinking.) The following video contains their findings. 
That is, if we can believe anything we see over the internet. "IF ADULTS ACTED LIKE CHILDREN" 

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Love is the emblem of eternity; 
it confounds all notion of time: 
effaces all memory of a beginning, 
all fear of an end.
Madame de Stael


  1. We don't often realize the gift a day is... Thank you for the sweet reminder.

  2. Some wonderful memories. Which are not changed for the worse, but are made more precious, by the sadness at the end.

    1. Greatly put.
      Thank you for highlighting this

  3. You two made a really great-looking couple.

  4. Oh My Goodness! What a great photo and post! Thank you!

    1. Thank you.
      Those were the day gals & guys dressed up for each other.