Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Upon The Sunset to Molly On 'The Bachelor' 
Two lovers relive a lasting kiss 
One lover relives a kiss lasting hope 

Upon The Sunset (Italian sonnet) 

Upon the sunset song of long ago
A deep caress of moments once they knew
Within their eyes remains that special glow
When vast forevers always seemed too few
Upon the sunset whispers of a dream
Each heartbeat shared its turn within life’s dance
Theirs were the source of wonder’s fullest gleam
Theirs were the wonders treasures of romance
Soft teardrops leave their mark upon a page
A memory amid the Joys and pain
The times when flames of passion freely rage
And kisses had all meaning to explain
Upon the sunset date has come to close
And all draws to a lasting kiss goodnight
Which scents the winds of sleep which gently blows
Two lovers toward their everlasting light

A typical Italian love sonnet with a little extra. The secret lies in the refrain "Upon the sunset". This refrain does not appear in the conflict stanza (the third). This is more of a drift than a conflict. The repeating refrain carries multiple meanings. It is intended to be a "doorway". If this poem takes us to other realms. Go with it. 

Do we recall our best kiss? I remember mine. It was after the first dance I went to with Arlene. Arlene's school was within walking distance of her house (5 blocks). The dance was held in her school gym, complete with nuns. Arlene went to a Catholic school..I walked Arlene home, with a quick stop at the ice cream shop. I kissed Arlene many, many times before that night. In fact, I think we kissed before going to get those ice cream cones. Then at Arlene,s stairs, out of sight of her front window, where her father was watching, Arlene and I shared a goodnight kiss. I would be the best kiss of my life. There was something indescribably special in it, to it. Perhaps it was just the ice cream, but sunsets after sunsets we tried reliving that kiss. In the final sunset a star carries that kiss. Don't believe me? Do we recall our best kiss? 

How about a love song to go with our memories: Al Green "Lets Stay Together" 

The perfect date can be in the mind of a dreamer 

The science of kissing is called philematology. Oddly, some find it hard to remember this while kissing. Many of us are familiar with "The Bachelor", a dating style game show, where a bachelor chooses a wife from a group of eligible ladies vying for the position. Molly is one of those eligible ladies  In this video the bachelor has selected Molly to go out on the big date with him. 
As we are about to find out, Molly is kind of special. "Molly On 'The Bachelor': S20 E4 Recap" 

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The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, 
century to century, from age to age. 
Men and women garner these kisses, 
offer them to others and then die in turn. 
Guy de Maupassant