Sunday, January 10, 2016

Writing On The Wall to Perv in Girl's Locker Room 
The writing on the wall is a clue that plays with a mind 
That plays on the mind like a normal guy turned into a pervert by a prank 

Writing On The Wall (round) 

The writing on a distant wall
Not sure of what it meant at all
With all which life had sent my way
I put it off another day
I spent my dawns in mindless play
No source was found to cause dismay
Each wish was offered on a plate
Each fashioned dream I gladly ate
And everything I did was great
My bliss became my constant state
In tranquility I fell
A life I got to know real well
Into routine I somehow fell
As I would buy what life would sell
And so would pass my days and night
Another soul was lost in sight
I still don’t know what brought the light
That everything was not alright
And to an end became resigned
Some answer which would ease my mind
To writing I became entwined
The meaning I hoped now to find
Cell one-o-three I still recall
Was message left there on the wall 

Another style of a round. There are many ways to build a round, as long as one connects one idea to the next and the end connects back to the beginning. I use rhymes. In this round, to help to drive the message home, I not only used the same rhyme (at the end as at the beginning), I used the same word (wall). 

Before I go too far and as I have harped in many editions: People are different. For me, like it or not, when life got too comfortable, too regular, too predictable, a change was coming. In my life, I have come in contact with individuals who worked hard to a world as it was. We, as humans, are constantly reminded not to live in the past.  We, as biological entities, suffer some form of stress from change. We constantly hear, stress is bad. But all stress is not bad, otherwise roller coasters wouldn't be so popular. Then there are some who get off on stress. And consider how rapidly today's world is changing. Blend in with this concept, the need to control the growing world population, for order, for predictability, to sell products. Some of our beliefs, our hopes, our individuality, are products of greater forces, We have all heard that we are products our environment. Add to this, the rain of "things" that are fed to us. Let's just take eggs as an example. First we are told they are not good for us. ...then they are good, then they are not, then they are, are not, are. At one point they were compared to drugs. Working at an oil company, I have seen mind control in action. Believe it or not, for some this is acceptable. We are individuals. And whatever path we travel, the writing remains on the wall. 

I have select this song not just for the music but for the video: Ron Grainer "The Prisoner" 

Here is an example of the whole world/gym locker room changing  

A study commissioned by Kettler, a manufacturer of sports equipment, found that of the 2,000 participants who took part in the study 50% of the gym goers only go the gym to check out the opposite sex. Most men will agree. the best place at a gym not to meet girls (funny as it sounds) is the women's locker room. Now imagine you're a man taking a shower at the gym. You come out and find you are in the women's locker room. To make matters worse, the gym manager is yelling at you. A reality shift! The madmen at Break were curious what would happen and how men would handle this. 
When I went to the gym, I was too tired to care, but that's another story. "Perv in the Girl's Locker Room Prank! - Prank Bank" 

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  1. The writing is indeed on the wall. For all of us. Sadly many of us need the (or at least a) Rosetta Stone to read and understand that writing.

    1. I get the feeling you are on the next level.
      Thank you

  2. Alas, there are too many times when I do not want to read the writing on the wall--let alone take it to heart.