Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And So There I Was to Winter is Trumping 
A person deals with his reality 
A world deals with a "reality?" 

And So There I Was (free form poem) 

The person I once was
The things I was taught in school
All which society tried to cram down my throat
All the things which held me back
From achieving the individual which couldn’t really be
And so I blossomed
In a garden of dreamers
Fearing nothing but words
Which seemed to grow abundantly
And so here I was
A riddle which couldn’t be true
Maybe there are fairies
Maybe there are things we don’t understand
And don’t have to
And there I stood
A beacon for hearts afraid to sing
An ear who knew how to listen
A guide to an individual lost long ago
Do you know
That star across the ocean
That’s me
But when the curtain came down on the show
The bright lights gave way to the moment
Alone in his dressing room
A star learned the price of his glow
All we were taught
All society crammed down our throat
All which held us together
Had died 

In this free form poem we follow the stages of a person, seemingly "set free". There are two clues the speaker may not be as free as he seems. First, there is a story-line progression to the poem. Secondly, notice how once the poem takes off, it grows up to 5 lines. Then it starts to come back down (in lines).The poem hits the major conflict stanza and becomes frozen at 4 lines. A little subtle? Life can be subtle. 

When I entered the 7th grade, I entered into the world of Mr. Land. I became a choir singer. Mr. Land made me a madrigal group (much smaller) singer. From there I became a soloist. I must have been pretty good because I became very popular at school and the numerous churches Mr. Land introduced me to. Bottom line: being in front of a crowd, with nothing but my talent and confidence behind me set me on a road.
As I went on, in my education, I seemed to get teachers who used out of the norm (imaginative) ways to teach. When I entered the corporate world. things were changing. Things like flexible hours, dress codes disappearing, employee driven atmospheres, focusing on the positives. With my ability to stand in front of people, I became a team leader. With the experience my teachers gave me, thinking outside the box came natural. Thus I landed a job where imagination was everything and I had corporate money to make dreams a reality. 
All well and good for a young guy. I joined the Masons at a time when the fraternity was having big problems. Everything I experienced in school and at Chevron made me perfect for the moment. In a conservative world, I was a radical. I seemed to attract others to my side. Together we brought about a change that would renew hope for Freemasonry. 
Here is where the story and life turns weird; As I grew in popularity, with the Masons, I ran into others who were doing similar wonders in the fraternity. It seemed I was a piece of a puzzle. Time had brought us together in this moment to serve a grander purpose. Maybe it was Freemasonry. Maybe it was something else. Through these other people, friends, brothers I began to reflect on myself. They were me. I was them. What had happened to me? Life is a wonder. 

Are we ready for this: Monsta "Where Did I Go" 

The weird gets weirder - Proceed 

The average episode of Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, costs HBO $6 million to make. As with much of what we watch on TV and at the cinemas, many of the scenes never make the final screening, but are victims of the "editor's floor". Fortunately the folks at Huw Parkinson have put together some never been seen shots of Game of Thrones, destined for that big trash can in the sky. 
One of the character running for president might explain why these scenes were edited out. "Winter is Trumping" 

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If a man does not keep pace with his companions, 
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. 
Let him step to the music which he hears, however 
measured or far away.
Henry David Thoreau


  1. Life is indeed a mystery. Which is fine with me.
    I like being free to wonder.

    1. You are indeed a wonder. In a positive way.
      Thank you for sharing a bit of your wonder with me

  2. The longer we are a part of something, an organization, a relationship, a culture, a box seems to paint itself around us. We start to mirror the others in our box and finding the exit becomes a harder task, if we want to find it, that is.

    1. Thank you for adding this valuable insight

  3. Your words are beautiful and such interesting perspectives you have!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Coming from an artist...

  4. Replies
    1. then do they really die
      Thank you for lighting a thought

  5. I have missed the last 2-3 seasons of Game of Thrones, and I don't think I am anxious to catch up after seeing that. On the other hand, it would be delightful to see Trump's butt barbequed by a dragon!

    1. I don't think I ever was a fan of these TV series. Remember Dallas? - Didn't watch.
      Well anyway, thank you for adding your touch