Monday, February 15, 2016

Dream Of Wonders to Frog Prince Trick 
Why a lover doesn't dream in his sleep anymore 
A magician in a park brings a dream to life 

Dream Of Wonders (English sonnet) 

I do not dream of wonders anymore
The realms of fantasies have left my sleep
No longer tales forgotten do I reap
This prince has sailed away from misty shore
There are no unknown rendezvous to keep
No yearnings for a time which was before
No wishes drifting idle to explore
These things no longer wait my rest to sweep
Yet one would ponder why I do not cry
No dreams in sleep to set one’s mind astray
What do I have to keep my hopes in view
Still greater edge of mystery have I
As sleep concludes one more amazing day
What wonders wait tomorrow’s dream of you 

Just an average English sonnet. Average, unless one notices the word "No". In the introductory stanza there is only one "No". In the main conflict stanza every line contains a "No".. In the first triplet, where the speaker teases us, we are back down to one "No". When we find out the key and solution, in the final triplet, there are no "No"s.

I guess I'm looking for some affirmations or maybe I'm really living "the dream". I was never financially rich but my life with Arlene was better than any dream (except in dreams I can fly). My life with my present wife, Amor, is unreal. Any problem I have is washed away in laughter. She is up there, in years, but still very pretty. And get this: As she admires her beauty, in the mirror, she tells me that she is beautiful because of me.Wow!
I have gone on and on, in this and previous editions, about living dreams. I realize, I was fortunate to have a creative job; to have an oil company and the Masons behind me. Sure, I was not rich in everything, but what is important to me. Now, ask anyone who sees us together and they'll tell of a dream, Amor and Martin. I am not the only one. Others live dreams too.
I guess I'm looking for some affirmations. I can't remember the dreams of that young fellow. I do recall (vaguely) that summer morning I woke up to the realization that the greatest dream of my life was there at my side. From that moment my dream was better than any dream (except in dreams I can fly). Sure, it took time to learn how to let go to this new found gift, When I met Amor, she was amazed that there were other dreamers. We are not the only one. Others live dreams too.

Meet another dreamer: Antoine Dufour "To Run in a Dream" 

Well "good morning" - I guess we're ready for the Frog Prince  

In earlier versions of the "Frog Prince" the frog slept in princess's bed as she agreed at the pond, but in later versions even a mention of a bed was cleared out of the story because Grimm’s didn’t like the idea of unmarried couple in bed. Today, even the question about kissing a frog poses problems. So how is magician Rahat Hossain (Magic of Rahat) going to get princesses to kiss a frog and transform him into a prince? 
Seeing the trick and the ladies who participated, I would have done the trick backward. "Frog Prince Trick" 

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You never lose by loving. 
You always lose by holding back.
Barbara de Angelis


  1. I love that you have recognised the wonders of your life.

    1. Life is strange. Though we live, we are dying, yet we never die (memories). Enjoy this wonder.
      Thank you for being part of this

  2. Lovely poem and nice writing about your wife.
    Money is not being rich in my opinion.
    Heath, love, a roof over your head and food to eat - that to me is 'rich'.

    1. Thank you so much.
      Money? I am not financially rich myself, but I've had wealth parties back my ideas

  3. I'm glad you have such love in your life. The words you give are beautiful.

  4. I wonder if they edited out any chunky-butts kissing the frog or that bench was so deep in the park, they didn't have to?

    1. You :) :) :)
      Thank you for leaving that laugh