Friday, February 19, 2016

Fancies Flowers to Sara and her friend Jennifer Lopez 
In life's garden two lovers meet 
In a young girl's room two friends meet 

Fancies Flowers (repeating poem) 

One wayward way awaits another day
A meadow made for two young hearts can play
A place where holding hands for hours
Fancies flowers
Midst such rain
Two lovers longing by the lofty tide
Of passion’s passing pulses try to bide
Their time in kisses which were welled inside
A place that puts a pause to powers
Fancies flowers
No restrain
Three wishes wonder waiting patiently
For faded frolicking to cast them free
From timeless torment trapped so helplessly
While lovers laugh they have no need you see
A place still tilted toward love’s towers
Fancies flowers
Still maintain
Four seasons sweep so softly passed their eye
As they create uniquely custom sky
Which other lovers colors may apply
Their souls’ unspoken need to fly a sigh
While daring dreams to try to drift on by
A place where sharing shades warm showers
Fancies flowers
One refrain
Five senses sets us sailing on our way
To place our paradise and there reside
With countless kisses cast so carefully
From wells of love which will not ever dry
As long as simple love song’s of lasting strain
The need which fancies flowers to explain
A place where holding hands for hours
Fancies flowers
Midst such rain 

Let's have some fun with Word Wizardry. We knew there as word play ahead with the first sentence ("One wayward way awaits another day"). We find more plays with consonants and sounds as the poem goes on. Each stanza is numbered. The numbers are used to form a love related sentence. Then there is the word "Fancies". It is a play on the words Fancies, or Fancies', or Fancy's, or... 

As we can tell by this and the many love themed poems I write, I am a "fool for love".And why not? Love can be fun (put aside the occasional heartaches). I could give example from my life, but the wouldn't be as meaningful as the ones we hold in our own hearts. We lovers touch upon a fantasy realm, whether we want to accept it or not. I would like to share this. I am old and love. in many ways is different from the times of my youth, and love is still fun! Stranger yet, it is no less of anything. Enjoy love. Revel in it. Delight in it. Live in it. Dream in it. Believe in it. Love will not let us down. I am a "fool for love". You? 

Since we are on a love theme: Vargo "I Love You" 

From the garden if love to the room of friends

The first computer programmer was a woman. Her name is Ada Lovelace. This might help to explain why women are so complicated. To help give some further insight, here are America' favorite teens, Sara (with no H) and Gloria. I know they look like Jimmy Fallon and Jenifer Lopez (JLo), but let's put that aside and focus on the complexity of womanhood. 
If you think we're gonna learn anything from these two, then I have a bridge for sale. "'Ew!' with Jennifer Lopez" 
(You're right tat was Jimmy Fallon and Jenifer Lopez) 

If you enjoyed this video press this link to be taken to Ew!' with Ariana Grande

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The minute I heard my first love story, 
I started looking for you, not knowing 
how blind that was. Lovers don't finally 
meet somewhere. They're in each other 
all along.


  1. I think the only fools for love are those who deny it or reject it.

    1. If a delicious cookie is free, who would not take it?
      Thank you for the gift

  2. I really like the flow of this repeating poem! Great job!

  3. I hate to admit it, but Ew! wasn't all that bad. Yeah, I watched the entire clip. Sigh.

    1. That's okay. (Did you watch second clip?)hee hee
      Thank for the fun

    2. No, I couldn't watch the second. For my shame was already complete.

    3. You are better than I, for I... hee hee

  4. Love is such a powerful emotion and you portray it so beautifully.

  5. Hello, lovely poem and post. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy new week!

    1. Hello
      Thank you for dropping by and the compliment