Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feverish Words to Kids Say The Darndest Things 
We have the words from a "death bed" 
Followed by the words of the ageless 

Feverish Words (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Tomorrow we’ll again sore midst our dreams
Grand tales of love and passion to unfold
We two will challenge life at its extremes
Tomorrow for today I have a cold
A moment caste in time our legacy
The echoes of our love will pages fill
Lost souls will swoon in memories of we
But for this moment I am feeling ill
The care I share for you makes angels stand
To witness love that causes hearts to swell
And grasp with tears the joy that is at hand
Take care of me I do not feel so well
I hope my feverish words were not too thick
I love you dear I’m sorry that I’m sick

No one said a Shakespearean sonnet had to be serious. The quatrains were constructed with 3 lines of love, followed by a punch line. The big lesson here is keep your audience guessing. 

This sonnet may be funnier for the wives out there. I don't get sick that often. I can go for years without catching a cold. But when I do get sick, I turn into that big helpless baby, that give sick husbands such a bad name. Close your eyes and think of the worst, sickest, funniest example of a bed (or coach) ridden husband and that's me. I think it has something to do with getting married. I don't remember me acting this way as a (actual) child. I must admit, my wife does take extra good care of me. Maybe that is one of the reasons for overacting, Talk about wife. She gets sick more often than I do. But unlike me, she gets her thrill by cover it up. I love taking care of her, if only I could catch her sick. But my wife is now a master at masking her illnesses. She is even getting prettier as she is getting older. I should be ashamed by the situation. But then I think: Maybe I'm not alone. Maybe this is the nature of things. Maybe this is the way husbands and wives are meant to be. Life can be strange. Or it can be fun. 

If you're not sick yet, this should do the trick: Weird Al Yankovic "Tacky" 

Are we ready for more words of wisdom 

Most toddlers begin talking from 18 to 24 months, though the first word normally comes in the 11th to the 14th month. From there on it is no holds barred. What comes out of those mouths are timeless, priceless wonders. To capture some of those wonders, Kyoot Kids has put together a compilation of some of these priceless gems. 
Hint - keep a finger near that rewind button. "Kids Say The Darndest Things" 

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To array a man's will against his sickness 
is the supreme art of medicine. 
Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Replies
    1. Looks like this post had the right effect on somebody.
      thank you

  2. soar midst our dreams? Sore, despite the theme of ill health doesn't seem to fit. I think caste should be cast as well.
    And yes, it is difficult to dream when the body is behaving treacherously. Not impossible, but difficult.
    Strange and fun aren't mutually exclusive...

    1. I so appreciate your take.
      Thank you for adding another dimention to this

  3. I am rarely ever sick. I can go years without a cold but its the darn aches and pains that I suffer. My husband takes care of me when Im tired and I do the same for him. But if hes is ever sick....Im in full wife mode.

    1. Thank you for sharing this bit of yourself.
      I do so appreciate it.

  4. Wonderful poem, still an epic love with a bit of a smile thrown in! I'm not any fun when I'm sick, Alex is sweet about it though.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      I'm sure Alex apprecates these,one more, chances to show his love

  5. WEIRD AL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Or he was hit by one.
    Always happy to see you. Thank you