Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It’s Moments to Climate Control Isn't Real 
The climate of a heartbeat when lover's join 
The climate of people concerning climate control 

It’s Moments (repeating poem) 

It’s beating it’s beating
It’s message repeating
The moments are fleeting
A fact so unseating
That from it retreating
It’s beating it’s beating
But faced with the meeting
Its beating its beating
Ourselves we’re competing
Our grace waits completing
As seconds depleting
It’s beating it’s beating
Just what are we cheating
Retreating defeating
When dreams await greeting
And passions are heating
A question entreating
It’s beating it’s beating
The moments are fleeting
It’s beating it’s beating
Its warning repeating
It’s beating it’s beating
And what are we cheating
It’s beating it’s beating
It’s beating it’s beating
It’s beating 

Here is a somewhat maddening example of a repeating poem. By sticking to a two syllable rhyme scheme based on the word "beating", the poem tries to set up a problem that must be resolved. The poem also maintains a strict 6 beat meter, until the very end. Why is the end incomplete, cut short? 

Oh, young love. Can we relate to this poem? When that someone special is near. Or simply thinking about that someone special. I don't know about others, but it was hard enough to keep my mind on anything but her with a racing heart, Imagine, I was only 20 when I moved into a palace in the sky, overlooking San Francisco, with my dream, The one who controlled my heart. I don't know when it happened or how long it took, but my heart stopped racing. I was human. I grew used to things. If I was't so creative, maybe this wouldn't be such a crime. My friend, Pat, suggested I stop going to a barber and try a hair stylist. I did and when I came home Arlene acted differently. The heartbeats where back. We learned that to keep our love youthful we needed surprises an change every now and again. 
I am not suggesting everyone is like Arlene and me. Or that our solution will work for everyone. Everyone is different. Add to this a couple is made up of two different individual and oh boy! One thing I do feel certain about: If we like those maddening heartbeats. If a kiss, holding hands, a hug or an image arouses a memory, those youthful heartbeats are not dead. If our heartbeat still drives us crazy for that someone special... dream on. 

A tune for that heartbeat: Otaku "Heartbeat" 

Could all of us hot lovers have something to do with climate concerns 

Did you know one of the major contributors to climate change is methane emissions from animals, agriculture such as rice paddies, and from Arctic seabeds? The world is getting more energy efficient,  but we sure love to eat. Here is another problem, Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla (of Smosh) are looking into it. I assume the "it" has something to do with global Warming. 
I'm sure of one thing. This video has little to do with seriousness. "CLIMATE CONTROL ISN'T REAL" 

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Young love is two hearts with only one thing in mind.
Keira Knightley


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