Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Layers of Love to Weird Drive-Thru Menu 
One may need a menu to delve into this couple's love 
One may need a menu to figure out this menu 

Layers of Love (lyrical poem) 

Two tiers of love
She’s right above
The very best
Two tears of love
She’d write words of
The pang and zest
To bear our hope
She there would cope
With all the rest
To bare our hope
For their fine scope
To stand the test
There was always love whenever she was near
There was all this hope she sparkled in the air
So with all dear hope she makes it very clear
To be with her love now this her only care
Too new of trust
Their ways so mussed
This was her jest
Too knew of trust
It weighs robust
She did invest
Together with trust a lover’s point of view
We will build a love so precious and so dear
Arising from hope in all the dreams we’ll share
Unshakable hope young hearts will see us through
Unbreakable love to which we can adhere
Unmistaken trust in hope and love this pair…
Now declare
Love hope and trust
Love hope and trust
Their life is there 

Word Wizardry turned to a lyrical poem. Look at the verse portion of this poem and the word play stands out (tiers - tears, right - write) Note how the meaning of the word "knew" is forced, for the sake of the poem.. The keys to the three verses are brought together in the coda (Love, hope and trust).

As always, if you are a songwriter in search of lyrics, help yourself. I do not ask any financial payment for the use of these words, only a copy of the song. 

Love. We poets love it! It is very complicated. It is "the simplest thing of all." It changes from day to day, It is eternal. It is different for every individual, yet it is universal. And me. I'm a fool for love. I have been through, I have seen the magic, the wonder of it, Oh sure, scientists and psychologists may have their proofs that love is just a natural chemical reaction. But as I turn the pages of their endless theses, I "know" there is something more there. "You crazy lovers." Yes that's me! Simple or complex, it all merges in a kiss. Two lovers strolling, hand in hand; We don't know the nature of their love, yet we know what they're going through. Love. We poets love it! 

How about a love song: Julie Andrews and Andy Williams "Language of Love" 

If you thought love is confusing... 

The first drive-thru restaurant was created in 1947 by Sheldon "Red" Chaney, operator of Red's Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri. One of the most important things about a successful drive-thru is the menu for the customers. The people at Honda approached the people at BuzzFeed about coming up with a new ad for the 2016 Honda Civic. Naturally the people at BuzzFrrd turned to the idea of a drive-thru menu. Not just our average menu, but... well... watch the video.
Try to remember, in between laughs, (strange as it may be) this is a car ad:. "Weird Drive-Thru Menu Prank // Presented by BuzzFeed & The All-New Honda Civic" 

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Love is the joy of the good, 
the wonder of the wise, 
the amazement of the Gods.


  1. Someone (Rumi?) once said that poetry is the language of the heart. So of course poets are in love with love. It is a given.

    1. Now, here is a riddle - this poem.
      Heart or mind?
      And while you're thinking, thank you

  2. Nice poem, and two lovely people singing.

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.
      Enchanting song, isn't it

  3. The song, the poem, it is beautiful. Song writing is quite different to rhyming poetry, different as the style...

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      In my lyrical poems, I am very careful with the beats.
      They fit very easily into a song.
      Try it

  4. Beautiful deep Poem . Thanks for sharing.

  5. I appreciate the motivation
    thank you

  6. Was that actually a Honda commercial? Methinks it would be better for a competitor showing that idiots drive Hondas.

    1. That's what I thought too. Then I noticed all the cars were Honda. New approach, I guess.
      Thank you as always