Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let’s Slip to McCringleberry's Excessive Celebrations 
Lovers dare to slip into a world of their own 
A football receiver dares to celebrate beyond any penalty flag 

Let’s Slip (Italian sonnet) 

Let’s slip from sight of others eyes awhile
And take a trip caressing midst the trees
Whose gentle drip of flowers do beguile
The sip of whispered kisses by the breeze
The canopy of nature all around
The sound of dreamers who are free to stray
At play while flowers who will not betray
Will spray their fragrant scent upon the ground
And memories of music made this day
Will stay forever in our hearts profound
Resounding in love’s power to astound
While crowned in youth’s eternal sway
Let’s sip the richness that we call our lives
Let not a drip lay idle till it dries
And if we trip let’s take what still survives
To slip awhile from sight of other’s eyes

An Italian sonnet of a different form. Normally an Italian sonnet follows this form: ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH or ABBA CDDC EFFE GHHG. This one uses both. Not only that. There is Word Wizardry  at play. In the first and last quatrains there is the play on the word :slip". In the second and third quatrains there is a rhyming echo on the second beat of the word from the previous line ("...around - The sound..."). 

There are a number of ways to interpret this verse. There is the intimacy aspect. Let's delve into the use of the Word Wizardry in this love sonnet. A sonnet is hard enough to put together. Throw in some additional structured word play and it gets a tad trickier. Let;s  say, we planned a dinner and a movie  for an evening out with our someone special. Of course we do a little research to choose a place to eat and a movie we will both be happy with. Then, somewhere after we have finished our popcorn, we pull out her favorite candy we have been hiding, Get it? Those little extras. Now don't laugh. Arlene loved clothes. I knew all her sizes. For presents, I would buy her clothes. I always bought nice things that she liked, the right size, from her favorite stores, but there was almost always something wrong (intentionally). More than clothes, Arlene loved to exchange clothes. "That husband of mine..." Those little extras. We can enjoy a great love. Or we can chance those little extras. 

And while we're on the subject, here's: Coldplay "Lovers in Japan" 

Tire of football yet - Not too tired to laugh 

Ever heard of Blair Lamar Thomas? Lair was a NFL running back from 1990 to 1995. He has the distinction of making the NFL 100 worst player list. Ever heard of Hingle McCringleberry? Hingle, who plays for the Tigers, holds the distinction of drawing the most touchdown celebration penalties. We are fortunate that Stephen Colbert captured some of these celebration penalties on video, so we can judge if they were warranted, 
Hingle McCringleberry is really Michael Key of the comedy team Key and Peele. "McCringleberry Gets Some Help With His Excessive Celebrations" 

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But let there be spaces in 
your togetherness and let the 
winds of the heavens dance 
between you. Love one 
another but make not a bond 
of love: let it rather be a 
moving sea between the 
shores of your souls.
Khalil Gibran


  1. Most of the slips I have experienced were quite painful--especially on ice. Sigh.

    1. When I was a fencer (a saber man) it was quite painful. My instructor taught me, a kiss from my girlfriend would make the pain go away.
      Thank you

  2. Slipping into the arms of someone you love is such a sweet experience. Thank you for the beautiful words!

  3. You've "slipped".
    Enjoy and thank you