Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Listen What She Said to Bad Lip Reading: NFL 2016
The words of maiden who is bleeding inside 
I think these were the words of some of the 2016 NFL players 

Listen What She Said (narrative poetry) 

Listen what she said when she’s bleeding deep inside
Listen what she said when her pain she cannot hide
The shadows of the day
Have ripped her soul away
That’s all she tries to say
Listen what she said
Sacred tears she shed from the scar which coursed her heart
Sacred tears she shed for worlds now so far apart
The source of all her light
Has vanished into night
These rivers to ignite
Sacred tears she shed
Darkness shares her bed with confusion turning sheet
Darkness shares her bed as hope turn toward defeat
What sorrows could she bare
Which soon would strangle air
Her answer waited there
Darkness shares her bed
To his arms she sped leaving her reason behind
To his arms she sped praying for kindness to find
From far above she tried
Her lover’s name she cried
And in the streets she died
To his arms she sped 

We have a third person giving us a narrative of a dark night and the dark thoughts of a lady. Mingled into this tale of mystery is a clever poetic form. The first part of each first and second sentences become the last sentence of each stanza. Each stanza carries 3 rhyme schemes. This was done to add a layer of complexity to the poem/story. The result should leave us with a question. What happened? 

Those of us who have gone through an unexpected break-up, especially in our youth, may share the explainable. I can remember the total confusion, The world was coming to an end. Instead going into the sunshine, I went deeper into the darkness. Of all the friends, family and teachers who came to my aid, not one could have gone through, could have experienced what I was going through. After all, this could only happen to me. I became totally blind, totally insensitive to the young ladies who were making advances toward me. Sound familiar? We lived through it. One positive that came out of this all. I became a good listener. I became one of those who had never gone through "this". Sound familiar? And even if we don't know exactly what another is going through, the course of the pain. We know the power of being there; of simply listening. Sound familiar? 

To go with this verse I've selected: Lana Del Rey "Summertime Sadness" 

Now listen, I think a good laugh or two is in order 

You probably knew the first Superbowl was played on January 15, 1967. But did you know that the first national anthem at that Superbowl was performed by the University of Arizona, the University of Michigan Marching Bands and the UCLA choir? We thought it might be interesting to get this year's NFL participants take on this useless fact. Unfortunately Bad Lip Reading got hold of the video and this is the result. 
Now let's see if we can listen and laugh at the same time. "'NFL 2016: Part One' — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL" 

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The shattering of a heart when being broken 
is the loudest quiet ever. 
Carroll Bryant