Monday, February 8, 2016

Passed Holding Reasons to Worlds Longest Touchdown Catch 
A couple's love passes reasoning 
A football is passed beyond anything ever seen 

Passed Holding Reasons (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Our passing will lift lovers as a breeze
Which passes precious flowers with a scent
Of fragrances from past as yet unspent
Meandering passed moment much as these
Our kiss while holding hands heralds a mist
From eyes whose sighs now hold their sweet reply
To love which holds soft secrets to the sky
Brings heart held hope pure purpose to exist
While torrents warrant reasoning to stray
From breeze of reason seasoned by the heart
Which reasoned rightly we will never part
From reasons for familiar kiss today
The past which holds the reason for this bliss
Is reasoning held passing one more kiss 

Shakespearean sonnet or word wizardry? We start by playing with the word "pass" in the first quatrain. We play with the word "hold" in the next quatrain, though it is not that obvious. In the third quatrain we toy with the word "reason" (of all words). The take a close look at the rhyming couplet. Tah dah! Also notice how once in a while we toy with consonant sounds, like the P's in "passes precious". Why was all this done in a love sonnet? Explain love to me. 

Call me silly. But I really liked teenage love. I liked it so much that in love (among other things), I like to think, I never fully grew up. Walking Arlene home from school, long after she graduated, was just one example of how I relived those "magic" times. But as an adult who was paid to be imaginative, dream creation was the next step. I orchestrated special gifts (little things) to wild vacations (extravagant) all as only that person lost in love could do. And Arlene and now Amor loved it. (Can you relate?)
Believe it or not, there are individuals who are still uncomfortable at the sight of a couple holding hands in public (let alone kissing). Put all this aside. A gentle breeze doesn't care if it kisses a flower and spreads its dreams to all those who are receptive. I say these things as an affirmation, trusting that we have experienced these things too. Love, in the realm of couples, is a hard to describe world. (Wouldn't you agree?) Let us freely paint a picture of love and lovers for ourselves and others. Let our kisses spark eternities. 

To carry this mood: John Paul Young "Love Is In The Air" 

From the unbelievable to the unbelievable 

A 99-yard pass play is the longest play involving a forward pass that is possible in an American professional football game. (So far there were 13 of these.) Now imagine a 14,000 foot pass. What!? That's what Devin Graham (of Devin Super Tramp) did with the help of Papa John’s Pizza and Pepsi. This amazing pass will not set any new records as Super Tramp hired a special team to accomplish this awesome feat. I am not a football fan, but it doesn't take a football fan to be astonished by this flight of imagination. 
In case we missed it: Joe Montana was the passer and Dwight Clark was the receiver. "Worlds Longest Touchdown Catch!" 

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Love doesn't make the world go 'round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
Franklin P. Jones


  1. Is ending poems with two lines after stanzas of four a personal trait?

    1. It is the Shakespearean sonnet form.
      Thank you for asking

  2. Some things are so beautiful and fleeting. Lovely words!

    1. You speak from a heart.
      Tank you for leaving this