Monday, February 1, 2016

Someone Like None to The Substitute Teacher 
A lover fails to communicate his feelings 
A teacher fails to impress his class 

Someone Like None (modern sonnet) 

She was someone like none he ever met
Her hold on him was more than just a look
He wasn’t sure why now she held his heart
There must be something more at work than this
But his advances were not understood
Each failed attempt made shadows of the last
What was the pathway that he didn’t try
Teach me he begged the moon to reach her heart
And so it was this man went off to sleep
His mind was free to drift about this love
Grand were the visions that he met that night
Is this the hope that he’d been searching for
Why did it take so long for him to see
I love you was the key to clarity

An example of a modern sonnet. Modern sonnets take many forms, as poets stretch the boundaries of their imagination. In this sonnet I played on a man's failure to communicate his feelings. Though the quatrains don't rhyme, they are still iambic pentameter. The rhyming couplet returns to normal as the answer to our hero's dilemma makes his way clear. 

How familiar are we with tale? Couples who really care about one another, but have a hard time communicating their feelings. I wish I was qualified to give some answer, some direction to this key foundation of relationship. The words "I love you" is not always the answer. It is one of the cures of being an individual. Somehow, some lucky couples are blessed to find the way to each other's hearts. Some couples manage to make the best of moments of perfection. Sometimes individuals change. Oh Boy! Isn't love fun? But to do it well. Sorry folks,even at my best, I was a passenger of love's roller coaster. But if I can make great moments. there is hope for others. Couples who really care about one another have that going for them. 

A classic love song to guide our reflection: Franz Liszt "Liebestraum" 

Someone needs to teach this teacher to teach 

Tanishq Abraham, at the age of 10, joins the ranks as one of the smartest kids to graduate from high school. It is clear he never had a teacher like Yousef Saleh Erakat (aka Fousey Tube). As you will soon see, Fousey is the worst teacher we have ever seen, even if he is only playing a substitute teacher. What is going on here? Fousey, and the school wanted to find out what the students would do if confronted with a questionable teacher. To make this experiment more impressive, the students are 1st graders. 
Bad teacher + 1st graders = ? "THE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER EXPERIMENT!" 
(Great care was taken to be sure that no child was injured ) 

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But let there be spaces in 
your togetherness and let the 
winds of the heavens dance 
between you. Love one 
another but make not a bond 
of love: let it rather be a 
moving sea between the 
shores of your souls.
Khalil Gibran


  1. I believe communication is always the key - but it needs to be honest, and flow both ways.
    Not always easy. Very rarely easy...

    1. We are together in this.
      But when two people touch...!
      Thank you

  2. Khalil Gibran is amazing! I agree with Elephant's Child above. That was a great video with the teacher! Great Post!

  3. Thank you for your valued critique.

  4. Beautiful words! Communication can be a challenge at times.

    1. Challenge at times, wonder in moments...
      Thank you for your input

  5. Replies
    1. I hope we achieved a nice balance.
      Thank you for stopping by