Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Streets Of Moments to Selfie - The Musical 
A picture captured in a lover's heart as he walks the streets of dreams 
The pictures captured by all those selfies become a musical 

Streets Of Moments (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Amid the silken echoing of time
He walked the streets of moments far away
Where all his dreams were put upon display
And lights would bring new gleaming to life’s rhyme
There all his cares were things of make believe
Forgotten were the stairways to his needs
Each wonders proudly weighed upon his deeds
Imagination’s footsteps there he weave
But then he hears enchantment in a sound
Whose music strikes a chord deep in his heart
This promise of forever’s freshened start
Here flowing from love and paradise found
And there in his arms as kisses were set
With you there again in streets where we met

This sonnet was written heavy in metaphors. We have a person wandering through an evidently well spent life. Special care was taken not to be too specific, in order to draw in as many possible. There are a number of ways to interpret what is going on and what happened. 

It is hard to discuss a poem as complex in meaning as this. A poem that so many can relate to, for different reasons. Yet there is one common truth that this poem expresses. Life is unique. It holds and unfolds wonders to fill every heart. It is sometimes hard to remember, with media constantly blaring at us. Trying to sell their "truths". We are individuals, with our own needs, likes, hopes and paths to fulfillment. Why is life so rich if not to accommodate all of us.  Look in the mirror. See that individual? Put all else aside for this moment. What truth will make that image more complete? And then there is change. And we change. And the poem changes..

To accompany these thoughts and feelings:  Sarah Vaughan ft Percy Faith & Orchestra "Street of Dreams" 

Selfie anyone 

America, we may be bigger and have more people than Australia, but they still lead us in selfies taken. Now the AVbyte brothers are on a campaign to right this inconsistency. How do Antonius and Vijay Nazareth plan to do this? The brothers are quite accomplished in the musical theater world, so it's only natural that they do what they do best. They made a musical -"Selfie" Now it is up to us to do our part. 
And the next time people get on our case about taking too many selfies, tell them that we are doing our part to make our country number 1. "SELFIE - THE MUSICAL" 

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I was always looking outside myself for strength 
and confidence, but it comes from within. 
It is there all of the time.
Anna Freud


  1. I long to hear that sound in your poem.

  2. Selfies? The French apparently call them 'braggies', which makes sense to me.
    I can think of no scene which I improve. And quite a few which any people diminish.

    1. When I was young,I avoided cameras.
      I was such an egotist - "let them suffer"
      Thank you for sharing

  3. What beautiful words! So full of love and hope!

    1. If you are talking about the poem. your words give you away as a positive person.
      Thank you for spreading a little of your light my way