Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tear Past Tomorrow to Drake-A-Wish 
A tear helps a lover recover through his loss 
Drake helps people recover through their tragedy 

Tear Past Tomorrow (changing poem) 

A tear past tomorrow is waiting for me
Past nights without dreams its path sets me free
A promise which strains the course which I see
The death of my Joy my grim destiny
Each heartbeat each breath is her memory
Each kiss of the dawn are things that won’t be
The whisper of tear to free me from pain
She waits beyond time and this misery
I wrestle with truth or mad fantasy
I cry to my soul to help make things plain
But on went the voice with morbid refrain
A river a tide an unruly sea
Give me a reason some will to sustain
Is death blessing’s answer to all of this strain
Does final surrender my always regain
Or will all this cross my eternity
But there rose a feeling no words could explain
The Joys of a past now I must maintain
The richness the treasure each thrill to sustain
If tear past tomorrow with meaning shall reign 

The structure of this poem is pretty clear. We start off with one rhyme and end with another. As the rhyme changes, so does the speaker. An interesting thought thrown into this poem: The theme "tear past tomorrow" appears in the first and last sentences. 

How many times have challenges disrupted our world causing us to wander in confusion until an answer makes itself clear? Sometimes the answer was there all along, but we were so stressed, confused, disoriented to see it. 
Yes, this poem is about me and the loss of my first wife and childhood sweetheart, Arlene. The poem pretty much says it all. It was as real as you can imagine, except that I lived trough it and at times it seemed unreal. With the help of family, friends and associates I got through it. I began to see all the great moments we made. Moments so great, they do not deserve anything but to carry on. 
Back to us and our challenges. We have all faced the unexpected. Maybe not as harsh as mine. Maybe much harsher. Life is full of changes. And one of things that makes most humans uncomfortable is change. We should be comfortable in our abilities. The answer is there. Like the poem, we may have to wrestle through a forest of issues, but we must ( for the sake of "moments") find the answer, calling to us.
But we knew that. 

Why did I choose this song: Andy Williams "September Song" 

From the serious to the are you serious 

Canada gave the world many great things. Like the egg carton. The egg carton was patterned in 1918 by British Colombian newspaper publisher Joseph Coyle. Canada also gave us the rapper, singer, songwriter Aubrey Drake Graham better known as Drake. Now we all know of Drake's hit songs. But Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla (of Smosh) have uncovered  Drake-A-Wish foundation., stated by Drake. 
We could go over the many things the foundation does, but let's enjoy Smosh's video. "DRAKE-A-WISH" 

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Lend your ears to music, 
open your eyes to painting, 
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yourself whether the work 
has enabled you to 'walk 
about' into a hitherto unknown 
world. If the answer is yes, 
what more do you want?
Wassily Kandinsky


  1. Hope. And believe, just believe. I also believe we are not faced with challenges we cannot handle, that's why yours are different to mine... Through tears we find sunshine. A freedom very precious.

    1. Beautifully said.
      Thank you for your inspiration

  2. Sometimes when we stop, and just breathe and let what is be itself the answer comes.
    And, in the sunshine through those tears, we can also see rainbows.

    1. Well put!
      Sometimes we need a little help with that breath...
      Thank you for this affirmation

  3. What beautiful words so full of thoughtfulness. I enjoyed reading them, thank you.

  4. Tears have both brought and washed away pain to me.

  5. Lovely poem. I bet you had tears as your penned it.
    Andy Williams, such a soothing voice.

    1. Your sensitivity is most welcome.
      Thank you