Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Last Goodbye to Hispanic Titanic 
Memories give way to madness of the last goodbye 
Memories give way to laughter in a Hispanic version of Titanic 

The Last Goodbye (English sonnet) 

Was this the place we shared our last goodbye
The foggy streets have moved within my mind
The clarities of memories declined
Till darkness helps imagination fly
What answers are yet lurking far behind
What was it which a heart could not deny
What is it that the silent scents imply
Conclusion to which madness was assigned
Yet I recall how tender was that kiss
The lasting tears she shared within my arms
With thoughts that I refused to understand
That life of precious moments came to this
As ever’s mist now temples all her charms
Was this the place where knife dropped from my hand

We weren't expecting that ending. We already had a mysterious scene. We already had a lost lover. The second quatrain contained an ostinato of questions. In the first triplet we learn that the couple shared a last kiss. As the sonnet draws to an end and gets more ethereal, the first sentence begins again but deliver ths shocking conclusion. 

No, this sonnet was not about me (specifically). Okay I'll explain what I mean by that and maybe shed some light on where this sonnet came from. When I was younger, Arlene broke up with me. It was painful and maddening. Anyone who went through one of these major breakups knows what I mean.  We got back together. 
When we moved into the home we bought, it behaved strangely. Near sunset unexplainable lights would dance on the walls. The sound of someone walking came from the front room. The sound of someone talking came from the fireplace.The family was scared and wanted me to do something. Sadly, I discovered the reasons behind all these "could have been fun" and fixed them. The house was not haunted. My belief in the supernatural was damaged. 
San Francisco has a great Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour.It was so good Arlene and I took it several times. The tour guides were spectacular, to put it lightly. They brought their stories to life. One of their stories was of this handsome young man who,sensing a breakup, killed three of his lovers before the ladies could say goodbye. (I don't tell it as well as the tour guides do.) 
So there we have it. Put these three together... Well, it was a pretty good poem - sonnet. 

How about this to go with all of this: Amethystium "Strangely Beautiful" 

We move from one maddening breakup scene to another 

Did you know that for the movie "Titanic", 20th Century Fox wanted both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise for the lead, but James Cameron insisted on Leonardo DiCaprio. The Atlantic Ocean is real big. The reason I mention this is: while Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio where shooting the famous death scene, somewhere else Lele Pons and Rudy Mancuso were filming a Hispanic version of this heart breaking moment. 
Here, we are proud (at least until the video starts) to preset the little seen Hispanic version of the "Titanic" death scene. "HISPANIC TITANIC w/" 

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Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth 
until the hour of separation. 
Kahlil Gibran


  1. Oh. Deep dark obsession, compulsion. If I can't have you, .....

    1. That's one way of looking at it.
      Thank you for this to reflect

  2. May last-goodbyes actually be until-we-meet-agains.

    1. A real brain teaser here...
      How fitting. Thank you

  3. Breakups are incredibly emotional...they are difficult to get through.

    Thought provoking poem. ..

    1. Agreed.
      Like the ending of this poem. (It comes from out of nowhere and is unexpected.)
      Thank you for the feelings

  4. I am so glad that Tom nor Brad got the part. It would have been a different movie.

    1. I agree. Great movie.
      Thank you for being part of this post

  5. A lasting goodbye can be difficult indeed. I very much enjoy your words.