Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Picture to The Revenant Featuring Bob Ross 
A young man finds a strange picture 
Artist Bob Ross paints a strange picture  

The Picture (free form poem) 

Lying in the sand
Was a picture of once was
Calling to the wind
Echoes of before
There was something strangely spoken in it
As a young man picked it up
Falling to its charm
Calling to the wind
Echoes of before
In his dreams streamed scenes familiar
It was the picture come alive
Dancing with his imagination
Casting welcome wishes
Calling to the wind
Echoes of before
Searching for some meaning
He shared the picture with some friends
Who looked upon the faces there
And sadly sacrificed a tear
Calling to the wind
Echoes of before
They saw the truth scented in it
Two lovers taken from each other’s arms
His voice as he cast his fate to the sea
The picture close to his heart
Calling to the wind
Echoes of before

A free form poem that uses a repeating phrase. It starts out with only four lines, building up to six, giving the illusion of approaching. The repeating lines act as a floating memory. In the case of this poem, a haunting memory.I think this poem works best if read out loud, So, have some fun. 

When one gets my age, pictures, memories of one's long ago take on a special meaning. A meaning beyond sentiments. A meaning beyond the golden times. A meaning fuller than "I miss those times", seasoned with the heartbeats of "was that really me". I apologize that my words fall short. We surely sense what I'm talking about. It;s there. Captured in our images of long ago. What is remarkable, that something even touches those close to us.They see the image of long ago. Something is touched off in them. Something from their perspective of a moment, a time. Then we see it in their eyes. The truth of it. Vintage moments. Vintage memories. 
In the poem, we have a young man who finds a picture. The picture sets off a chord in him. He is unsure why. He takes the picture to his friends, who remember something. Without a word, the young man senses something. With this let our imagination come alive and drift. Enjoy.

Now that I've finished rambling, how about some music: Harry Nilsson "Everybody's Talkin'" 

Ever wanted to learn how to paint 

For some reason,  U.S. News and World Reports rated Yale as America's top art college. It doesn't matter. Robert Norman "Bob" Ross didn't go there anyway. Bob was a well known American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting. Unfortunately he died on July 4, 1995. Bob's style and personality was so beloved that, in many ways, he lives on. The folks at Above Average studios, being Leonardo DiCaprio fans, wondered what it might be like if Bob Ross painted the outdoor scenery of DiCaprio's movie "The Revenant". 
Okay this may be a little sick, but it's funny. "The Revenant Featuring Bob Ross" 

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