Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Wave to Adult Magic School Bus 
A wave teaches this man a lesson of life 
What used ti be magic school bus take these used to be kids to a lesson in life 

The Wave (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Along the shore a little boy does play
He builds his castles in the crystal sand
So much of life he doesn’t understand
And then came wave to wash it all away
You see the youth there strolling with the girl
One dream now holds his heart and fills his mind
He thinks that he can master fate assigned
Till wave does claim this vision in its swirl
A father laughing with his family
He turns to wife his love is in her eyes
To hold all this his life and soul applies
Then with a wave these worries were set free
So here I stand my memories recall
Until the wave takes me to join them all 

Once again we break away from the tradition love theme the Shakespearean sonnet is noted for and use this form to tell a tale of life. The sonnet follows brief snapshots of a man's life as it is consumed by a wave. The "wave" represents much more. 

We look back at or life and see, and feel the wonder that has brought us here. For most, tomorrow promises more to carry us on. But what happens to that "used to be"? Let's put spiritualism aside. Do we have memories; not just of us but of people and things that have passed on? I hesitate to use the phrase, "no longer with us," The realm of interconnections is mind blowing.The theory states thae the smallest action is a part of a chain reaction. In effect, we may believe our life is meaningless. But we are all connected. In that connection, do we die? Does our memory die? Does it really matter? Te wave is coming. 
With all this in mind, we should live the best life we can. Build the best memories. Be the best piece of the puzzle. And who sets our standard? Who has to face the wave? 

Let/s have a song to plant a seed in our heart: Anggun "Memory Of Your Shores" 

Anybody call for a bus 

The first school bus was horse-drawn, introduced in 1827 by George Shillibeer for a Quaker school at Abney Park in Stoke Newington, London, United Kingdom. In 1994, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen created "The Magic School Bus", an entertainment series that taught young children about life. Now Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla,of Smosh, have taken things to a new level. (Note: I didn't say which direction.) They have introduced a magic school bus for adults. 
Are we ready to climb on board? "ADULT MAGIC SCHOOL BUS" 

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The poetry of a people comes from 
the deep recesses of the unconscious, 
the irrational and the collective body 
of our ancestral memories. 
Margaret Walker


  1. An interesting perspective. I am comfortable with the thought that some day the tide will rush in for me. Yes, I mourn for some that have been washed away, but am grateful for the memories.

    1. The most treasured way, we see that "wave" is our own.
      Make it pleasant.
      Thank you for your words

  2. Hello, wonderful poem and post. I treasure my memories, my family and life. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Hi. Thank you for the kind thoughts.
      These are treasures that yield the highest return

  3. This poem and post very much spoke to me. I love the ocean and its power and beauty...

    1. That is a wonderful compliment. Thank you.
      I live 12 block from the Pacific Ocean

  4. Memories is all some people have and that's nice but sad.

    1. That's why we use this now to create great memories. Because we never know.
      Thank you for this reminder

  5. I really love rock versions of traditional Celtic music. I will certainly be looking up more of Anggun when I can. Thank you for bring them to my attention, my friend.

    1. Glad I could turn you on to something new.
      Thank you for stopping by