Thursday, February 25, 2016

When Tomorrow Comes to Swimsuit Issue: Climate Change Edition 
While two lovers put aside tomorrows 
The fashion world makes plans for tomorrow 

When Tomorrow Comes (Shakespearean sonnet) 

When tomorrow comes will I think of you
The time has come to put mere words away
Let’s listen to our hearts what do they say
For here and now what will tomorrows do
When tomorrow comes will I still be here
The time has come to leave such thoughts behind
And slip into what desire has designed
From here the truth of tomorrow’s unclear
Tomorrow may come to welcome the dawn
Tomorrow may sing of hopes’ destiny
Tomorrow may bring such wonders to be
Tomorrow will come and this will be gone
When tomorrow comes a thought to dismiss
The time has come to follow now this kiss 

A Shakespearean love sonnet, Here, tomorrow tries to take over two lovers. It is so powerful that in the conflict stanza, every line begins with the word "Tomorrow". In the end (the rhyming couplet) tomorrow puts in one more try. But in the end, the lovers in out. 

I can only speak for myself. We constantly hear statements that encourage us to live in the present, This may be true to an odd extent. First off, no human can experience the "now".  We are constantly moving forward in time. More materially, in today's world, we should be making some plans for tomorrow (retirement, insurance, wills and such). Us working class folk may have to make plans for homes, vacations, parties, family endeavours and the list goes on and on. Even writing this (now), I should keep in mind how my fans will enjoy (tomorrow).
All this being said, what about the "now"? When those special, precious moments come around, put aside those things of tomorrow. Give our attention to what'a happening now. Enjoy the "kiss" of the moment. "This time will never come again." Use this time to make treasured memories. What!? As I started out saying, "I can only speak for myself." I (and my wife) enjoy our memories. Memories we made room for in a moment. A moment that we might have planned for. Live in truth, Live in balance. Enjoy that "kiss". 

A timeless blast from the past" Leonard Bernstein "Tonight"  

Okay, I know what you really came to see the swimsuits 

According to Science America, at least 70% of Americans now believe that global warming during the last 40 years is real. What does this mean to you and me. we may be wondering. It means the people at Funny Or Die have asked for the aid of supermodels Erin Heatherton, Caroline Lowe and Hannah Ferguson. With their help, they have come out with a special edition of their swimwear. 
Now, before you laugh, watch their video. "Funny Or Die Swimsuit Issue: Climate Change Edition" 
(Now laugh) 

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So divinely is the world organized 
that every one of us, in our place 
and time, is in balance with 
everything else. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Tomorrow reminds me of Puck from a Midsummer's night's Dream. I do feel that we rush by moments and do nor experience the now. As for memories those are the moments you were connected with that you did not miss. I think that is what some mean by living in the present. I do believe that Climate change is real, those were interesting stats. Ugh.... Time to get a swimsuit weather. I think I dread buying a swimsuit over any other item.

    1. Wow, You added so much value to this edition.
      I can experience the now. But unfortunate, I went too far. Time is really long for me.
      Thank you for everything

  2. Living in balance sounds so simple. I wish it was. I try to live in the moment, while cherishing memories. And somedays get overwhelmed as both the past and the future mug me.

    1. You are not alone.
      Thank you for this affirmation

  3. Beautiful words! Living in truth and in balance is certainly something to strive for.

    1. Thank you for the visit and the kind words

  4. Nice poem.
    Natalie Wood was a lovely looking women.

    1. Thank you
      Glad you enjoyed
      Hope to see you again

  5. What did you do for the Funny or Die video to be blocked from broadcasting here? Oh yeah, you did something, all right. No use denying it. (LOL?)

    1. Okay...
      You got me...
      I kept drooling on te computer
      Thank you for the fun.