Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where Did The Hero Go to Grilled Dogs ft. Snoop Dogg 
Where did the heroes of our country go 
Where did the heroes of rap go 

Where Did The Hero Go (villanelle) 

They marveled in the glories of his show
And all the sacrifices he went through
Yet wonder now where did the hero go
To serve a land whose care he came to know
And with his life repay his country’s due
They marveled in the glories of his show
The things of youth he put aside in tow
Such sadness then from times and friends he knew
Yet wonder now where did the hero go
From foreign shores his legacy would grow
His medal could not trace what horrors drew
They marveled in the glories of his show
With time he would return to ones missed so
Who couldn’t see the wounds he did accrue
Yet wonder now where did the hero go
With time those wounds would bring on tears and woe
And not a soul to tell his story to
They marveled in the glories of his show
Yet wonder now where did the hero go 

What is a villanelle? Simply put, it is a poetic form commonly written in iambic pentameter (10 beats). Generally speaking, they follow this rhyme scheme: A1 B A2 - A B A1 -A B A2 - A B A1 - A B A2 - A B A1 A2.  A1 and A2 are the same two sentences. One additional note: Modern villanelles are being created. They challenge the limits if the traditional villanelles for a younger audience, 

I am not a veteran, myself. My contact with combat heroes include two survivors of Iwo Jima, one of the relievers of Pork Chop Hill, a sergeant who saved his men by bating away a grenade, a bomber tail-gunner whose plane was shot down and spent 2 years in an enemy prisoner camp. As I grew more mature, I realized how blind I was. All men and women who serve our country are heroes. Imagine, they put aside years of their lives in service of everything we believe in, While I was out, in my youth, dancing and enjoying myself, they were working to insure I and all of us were safe. 
I come from the Vietnam era. For years our veterans returned home, many telling us, shouting to us there was something wrong with way veterans were being treated. Sure, all our veterans deserve our honor and respect. We all said it. We all say it. Surely our government was giving them the care they deserve. We are finding out this is not true. We found out our Veterans Administration had troubles Then we find out there were troubles in our veteran hospitals. How far does this all go? Where did the hero go? For years they tried to tell that there was something wrong.  I realized how blind I was. Get the picture? 

To go with I've selected: Joe Satriani "The Forgotten part 2" 

Rap is becoming wrap - Think about that as we continue 

Who was the first rap artist? That reputation would have to go to the griots of West Africa, who were delivering stories rhythmically, over drums and sparse instrumentation for centuries before Snoop Dogg. Speaking of Snoop Dogg, or Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.,  he has been a major influence in this genre of music. He has won 1 American Music Award, 1 BET award,16 Grammys and more awards than we can fit in this article. Along with being an actor, Snoop is also a record producer and a business executive. Something must have gone terribly wrong, because Snoop is now selling hot dogs at Burger King. 
Just kidding. Snoop is actually helping Burger King train its employees on a new product. "Burger King Training Video: Grilled Dogs ft. Snoop Dogg" 

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I believe we should do more than 
sing the praises of the bravery 
and patriotism that our veterans 
have embodied in the past. We should 
take this opportunity to re-evaluate 
how we are treating our veterans 
in the present.
Nick Lampson


  1. Heroes is such an over-used and misused word that I have become wary of it. Sporting 'heroes' is one which particularly irritates.
    And yes, I suspect most veterans wear scars that only another veteran can truly see.

    1. I suspect we agree!
      As far as "hero", it may have individual meanings.
      Thank you for giving us more to ponder on

  2. Burger King would do well to put that commercial on heavy rotation all over, and I am not necessarily a Snoop fan--neither!

    1. Did you copy right that idea?
      Thank you for your support

  3. Powerful and thoughtful words, thank you.