Thursday, February 25, 2016

Windows to What Happens In The Girls Bathroom
One mystery gets deeper
One mystery solved

Windows (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was in his window she first caught his eye
From his next breath he knew his destiny
There by her side his world was meant to be
And toward window he could feel her sigh
Through others widows watching precious show
This sunshine helped to make a day more sweet
Reminder of those moments more complete
Those windows of a rainbow’s golden glow
Why does he let this window walk away
So clear to all but two just how they feel
What madness can the obvious conceal
While window waits with lifetime of dismay
For him right now a mystery a blur
For he is in his window kissing her 

A maddening Shakespearean love sonnet. The big problem: What exactly is going on? The main challenge, and the characters in the sonnet were having, is the sonnet's use of metaphor, especially the meaning of "window". A "window" can mean many things, With only 14 lines, pictures through "windows" extend those lines deep into imaginations. 

There are some individuals in this world who cannot face reality. Instead they turn to their imaginations. My path has crossed with some of these individuals, Perhaps your paths have too. Allow me to share one with you.
Once there was this young girl who loved this guy. She loved him so much that through her "window" she couldn't see that he was seeing other girls. She couldn't see, even when the other girls where in the car with them. Here's where things get more sour. The guy told the girl to prove her love by robbing her employer. She loved him so much she did as he asked. She was caught and arrested for her crime. The police knew about this guy. They offered to let the girl go, if she admitted the guy had told her to steal for him. Through the girl's "window" this couldn't be true. To prove her love, she paid for the crimes. She never saw the guy again. The girl looks at men through a whole new "window". 
Oh yes, some "windows" are thrown on individuals. 

As to lovers and their "windows": Erykah Badu "Window Seat" 

Ladies forgive me for hat I'm about to share 

It us estimated that a massive 75% of Americans use their mobile phones while on the toilet. Many of us didn't want to know this. What we really want to know, especially us guys, is what goes on in the ladies; bathroom. Rachel Levin, of Rclbeauty 101 and YouTuber, is more than happy to help us out (I mean in) and unlock the dark unknown secrets. 
Sorry guys, this video contains NO X RATED scenes. Enter at your own risk. "What Happens In The Girls Bathroom!" 

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One of the definitions of sanity is the ability 
to tell real from unreal. Soon we'll need 
a new definition. 
Alvin Toffler


  1. How sad, the windows we choose to look through, instead of the 'window' we're meant to look through. Self-protection. I often have not asked a question, since knowing the answer would be too painful...

    1. I agree
      Thank you so much for adding you insight

  2. Replies
    1. It is an eye "window" opener.
      Thank you for stopping by

  3. Windows... doors... life. All can be scary things. And some are not ready/never ready to face the light.

    1. After that remembrance. You think?
      Thank you for your valuable input

  4. I can honestly say that I have never wondered what happens in a girl's bathroom. I only made it about half-way through the video, and I must admit that I only thought I knew what it was like to be scarred for life beforehand. My lawyers will be in touch.

    1. Thank you for the forewarning. I'll make sure to make sure my wife is out.
      Your lawyer, does she still like champagne?
      Thank you for the fun

  5. Beautiful words, windows have such possibilities. I'm sad for the girl you wrote of.

    1. You see!
      Thank you for lighting possibilities

  6. There is so much that can be said about doors and windows. Not sure why but its like you can write a whole story on those things. What happens in the Ladies room? There is always "a meeting in the ladies room". ha

    1. I agree about windows. That's what makes this poem so alive.
      About the ladies' room - I'll have to take your word,
      Thank you for the value you added