Tuesday, March 22, 2016

And There’s The Why to Human Pokeman Battle 
A man battles with the why she left 
Two opponents battle each other poor souls and laughs 

And There’s The Why (poem) 

She sailed away another day
My life she put in disarray
And oh such tears were on display
Why did she go she didn’t say
My mind drew blank I couldn’t see
Friends did their best to comfort me
Such loneliness such misery
Why did she go how can this be
I’d think of her and start to cry
And then the endless trails of why
And just before I thought I’d die
Why did she go I’d sit and sigh
Amidst the time I let it go
But even then time moved so slow
A weary smile began to show
Why did she go don’t care to know
And when again my dawns were new
Then she again walked into view
She hoped we’d start it all anew
Why did she go I wish I knew 

For now let me share this poem's form. If we look closely we will find the rhyme scheme follows the vowels: A, E, I, O, and U. What about ",,, and sometimes Y"? That's the same question that can be found in the title ("And There’s The Why"). Take a look at the fist word of the last line of each stanza. Ta da!

"And There’s The Why". That title, with this poem, takes on two meanings. There the Y (why) of the vowels and the "Why did she leave". I'm not sure if we picked up on this, but the very first line is a bit light hearted. The guy's girl just left him! Sure, as the poem goes on, he shows sadness, remorse and confusion. In time he infers, he got completely over her. After it all, she walks back into his life. We don't know if they got back together. Confusing relationship. Then there's "Why did she go don’t care to know". Don't care?! Which may lead some to cast more blame on him. But in this poem. all we have is him. There are some who would say, perhaps there was something wrong with the girl/ (Today's world.) I might have spent a moment or two to see what I did, or may have done wrong. Maybe it was just the relationship or the time. The truth, the why, is: We don't know. We are left with one more of life's "Whys". And so we hear it call to us. From the sunshine of another day. Enjoy. 

Yes, there is a beautiful "she left me" song: Julio Iglesias "If You Go Away" 

If we thought that was maddening... 

Japanese anime films and television shows account for 60% of the world's animation based entertainment. One of these anime is Pokemon. In this series humans, known as Pokémon Trainers catch and train creatures to battle each other for them. What if these creatures were humans? Leave it to the sick puppies of Smosh to find out, and worse yet, to share their finding with us. 
My wife likes to play Pokemon (Poke-e-mon), but that's a different story. "HUMAN POKÉMON BATTLE (POKÉMEN)" 

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Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth 
until the hour of separation.
Kahlil Gibran


  1. Why did she leave? Why did she return? Both questions only she can answer. And she may choose not to.
    I love that he was rebuilding his life, and hope he stood strong.

    1. Arlene left me once. I never asked her why. I was just happy to have her back.
      Thank you.

  2. Are these old poems you are republishing here for a broader audience?

    1. Yes. Unfortunately my illness makes it difficult to produce.
      Thank you for supporting my efforts