Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Sonnet to More Kardashians
One more song a celebration of a love 
One more Kardashian show 

Another Sonnet (English sonnet) 

Put on another dress for me a tie
Another time to celebrate is due
Another merry promenade with you
For us our age is just another dye
For us to share another thing or two
Another day creates a wondering eye
Another dreams to be like you and I
To set another memory in dew
A picture of another we did that
Their shock for us was just another show
For us another color never matte
Another chance for stars like us to glow
To pose another flash from life’s rich vat
Another toast to say I love you so

A sonnet or word wizardry. It is easy to see the word "Another" when it leads off a line. On closer inspection, every line contains the word "another". The fun doesn't stop there. The word sonnet comes from the Italian word “sonetto” which means “little song”. Do lovers sing? The poem is called "Another Sonnet" Ta-da. 

Call me a "love sick puppy". For better or worse, I afraid I am. I believe women become even more beautiful if given the proper attention from their someone special. I really enjoy a good looking woman. It is amazing, my wife is getting up there in age, yet she seems to be getting better looking. Maybe it is my eyes. Maybe they are getting softer. Still, I don't take any chance (of losing a good thing). I buy her clothes that I think she likes and that I like. I make certain that she is pampered at the beauty salons. I find opportunities to tell her how good she looks. Before I fell ill, I used to take her out, not only for the moment and the memory, but to show her off. It is the truth! People see my wife and cannot believe how old she is. Amor carries around the depth of my love in her beauty. I like being seen with a beautiful woman. That beautiful woman is my wife. I believe. You can too. Enjoy. 

If love wasn't crazy enough: Paul McCartney "Silly Love Songs" 

From the strange realm of love to the strange realm of ... 

Say what we will about the Kardashians and more specifically Kim, according to Adweek, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is slated to bring in $200 million for 2015, which means an $85 million payday for Kimmy. If this doesn't make us sick, Smosh has uncovered yet another Kardashian TV reality show in the works. Get those throw-up buckets ready. It turns out there are more Kardashians than we thought. 
Now we not only have to Keeping Up With The Kardashians we have to: "KEEPING UP WITH THE MORE KARDASHIANS" 

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  1. Very clever poem! I did not even notice the word another in each line until I read your comment. Very crafty.

    1. "If one can't be great - Be clever."
      Thank you for the great support

  2. Nice poem which I presume you are referring to your wife - and nice words typed about your wife..

    1. Yes, my wife and my belief in women in general.
      Thank you for your feed back

  3. A true romantic - which I am sure Amor appreciates. Her name is already so close to love...

    1. Thank you. She misses that part of me as I have fallen ill. But we built remarkable memories.
      Thank you for dropping by

  4. Whoa, I remember the song well, but I don't remember ever seeing that McCartney video before. Thanks!

    1. Those were the weird days. Worse... Paul wasn't even stoned.
      Thank you for everything

  5. What wonderful word wizardry! I love how love inspires you, it is beautiful...

    1. I wish it was all love, I love keeping my wife beautiful. Is that selfish? Nice to see you her. Thank you