Monday, March 21, 2016

Crazy Fairy Tales to The Good Dinosaur 
Lovers put aside their fairy tale dreams 
How good can a dinosaur be 

Crazy Fairy Tales (English sonnet) 

Let’s put aside those crazy fairy tales
And live our lives within reality
There are no silver linings to our sails
We do not travel on a crystal sea
So cast aside their dreams stored in your head
For in the end will they explain the pain
Or try to reason with the tears we shed
Their dust for us is grounded by the rain
It’s time to leave our childish world behind
And build our future on a sounder ground
Where sails of gold will come to see us through
Let’s take this boring life and be resigned
To face our truth and make our ground resound
By teaching fairies what we pixies do

Boy, talk about a boring sonnet. Boring until the end. Those, who have become familiar with our style of writing surely sensed something was afoot. No, there was no metaphor or Word Wizardry used. Understandably, I tried to take out as much playfulness as possible. I hope the effort was appreciated. 

Okay. let's put aside the "fun" side of this sonnet and look at the message it carries. It is no secret, that I believe there is an element of magic to this life. I choose to allow the "make-believe" into my life. I don't force this on anyone, not even my wife. But I'm sure that during my golden times, I gave people causes to check their realities. But I am just one person; One individual; One grain of sand in this paradise. One individual's view of "heaven" is not the same as other individuals'. I'm not talking about life after death, but here and now. What some may find uninteresting and boring, others may find exciting and worth dedicating their life to. I like raspberry pie. Get the picture? I do not believe in forcing one's beliefs on others. If someone would like a piece of my pie, I am willing and happy to share and listen to any stories my favorite pie might evoke. Given the freedom to follow our own dreams. To go after those things; Those experiences; That existence which makes us happy. Us! Not what others say is us. Not what others say will make us happy. Let us put aside other's fairies and be guided by our own imaginations and enjoy.

To help us see to that goal: Bing Crosby "Young At Heart" 

Who knows more about dreams tan Walt Disney 

The basic Crocodylia body form has been around for more than 180 million years, making alligators and crocodiles living dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs on November 10, 2015, Walt Disney Studios released its animated feature "The Good Dinosaur".  The story is set on a fictional Earth, in which dinosaurs never went extinct. The film follows a young Apatosaurus named Arlo, who meets an unlikely friend while traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape. Although this Disney feature has been out for several months, it remains quite popular, grossing over $317.6 million. 
As a teaser and to see how long the film can maintain its popularity, Disney has turned to YouTube with shorts like this. "The Good Dinosaur - Arlo And Spot Eating Old Wine Fruit [HD1080i]" 

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  1. My inner child is often the happiest and healthiest (and biggest) part of me. I refuse to give her up.

    1. I can't guide you, but the dreamer was payed to play, the party, the reason to care.
      I was lucky.
      Dream on.
      Thank you for your support

  2. I did not find this poem boring at all. It is more of a hard truth in some ways. Well done. I am like Elephant.. Inner child work is important to my well being.

    1. Dream on. And live those dreams. Let your smiles be the proof for others.
      Thank you for your kindness

  3. I don't think we would like watching the whole movie, but that clip of The Good Dinosaur was pretty funny.

    1. My feelings too. And I'm a Disney freak.
      Thank you for making time for me

  4. As a lover of fairies and fairy tales, I especially enjoyed this poem!

    1. As a creative indidividul (you), I suspect you would
      Thank you