Thursday, March 24, 2016

Echoes Through My Heart to The Force Awakens Lego 
What is the force that flows through a lover's heart 
What is the force that awakens lego 

Echoes Through My Heart (Martin verse) 

Another echo beating through my heart
Another kiss awaits to play its part
Each whisper ushers in another start
Each golden smile is like a lover’s dart
Each moment with her one more sweet refrain
Where fantasies of heaven fell like rain
Here in this moment always to remain
And leave it to another to explain
It’s you it’s you the meaning of my heart
This carefree time within a summer’s rain
Where memories were destined to remain
And ways of worries find no place to dart
Another kiss to echo this refrain
Another destiny must play its part
Each whisper seems to have another start
Each teardrop holds a reason to explain
Surprising how eternity does dart
And where a special ending finds its start
A dream forever that was forced to part
Another echo beating through my heart 

A full explanation of a Martin verse can be found here: Martin Verse – A Poetic Form. What is unique in this Martin verse is stanzas one and four. Notice how they begin with same words on each line (the pattern). How different the world, in the poem, is about to become. The fourth stanza is like a connection between was and what is to be. This poem is entrenched in metaphor. 

This poem was inspired not only by the loss of my childhood sweetheart, but the loss of a way of life. I had (almost) everything. I lived a dream that others could only hope for. Now, it is all gone. All but the memories. All but the moments. People and I could cry over the drastic change. But there is a "kiss". A kiss of a life well lived. An "echo beating through my heart." 
Normally, it is not advisable to live in the past. We should use our past as a stepping stone for the now to  prepare for what the future holds for us or what we hold for it. All we really have is the "now", and even that is colored with illusions. Imagine the "truths" of yesterdays and the fantasies of tomorrows. Was Arlene's kisses really that good? Was our dance together that grand? I think so. My memories say so.  My heart beats so. 
I'm certain many of us have similar feelings. Think back. What good things do we remember? What blessings do we want more of? Not just for us, but for our light and those who are warmed by our light. And in the darkness of our times there will shine the bright light of our smile. An echo of our memories. A bright echo singing out,"Here is one who knew and treasured how to enjoy." 

To go with this theme: Dave Grusin "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" 

What force sweeps us from the sublime to the ridiculous 

Lego began in the workshop of the Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen back in 1932. The word  "Lego" is derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well". How many of us were (are) Lego fans? As we know, Lego's latest product come in the Star Wars motif. How many of us are (were) Star Wars fans? Wouldn't it be great if there was a Lego Star Wars movie? 
The folks at HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) have heard our prayers. "The Force Awakens Lego HISHE" 

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When the words disappear, love is all we can bear. 
When the moments fade, memories are 
  what we hold dear.
Ghassan El Labadi


  1. Remembering the past with a smile honours that which has gone before.

    1. Exactly! and it means we did well
      Thank you for being one of my smiles

  2. Your words are like a tender touch. Isn't it time which allows us to see the sunshine, while gently smoothing edges too?

    1. Thank you for your treasured words
      Let us use our time to create light for any dark times ahead
      (and as a source of magic)

  3. I do not like to look back. I live for today and look forward to tomorrow.

    1. Your energy flows through your comment!
      Thank you for spreading a little of it here

  4. Wonderful poem! You mentioned yesterday that your illness makes it hard for you to be productive, but you did not reveal what is wrong. Please email me at FishHawk7@gmail even if you do not want to say. For I have another matter concerning the new site that I would like to ask you about privately.

    1. Tank you I'm glad you like it.

    2. I'm sorry, I was having a practice senior moment. The address should have been

  5. Your words are so lovely, "It’s you it’s you the meaning of my heart" grabs me especially. To cherish what once was is beautiful...

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment.
      I hope I brought you some inspiration