Saturday, March 5, 2016

Glorious Day to Molly On 'The Bachelor': Molly Jamaica 
It was a glorious day 
Wasn't it Molly 

Glorious Day (changing poem) 

I started this glorious day
I love you what else can I say
And like this let’s promise we’ll stay
There’s nothing can stand in our way
And we found delight in this play
In bright spring of kisses we’d stray
Such visions then came to our sight
What harm could ignite in their sway
So dazzled by life’s new array
And all that for now seemed so right
That we became blind to our plight
As something was fading away
The last of our lavish display
When we were what made the stars bright
What dreams were formed when we held tight
Our dreams in others we’d incite
But there upon our mountain’s height
A bed which legends now recite
Where you and I turn off the light
And back to back I said goodnight

Here we have a poem that starts out with one rhyme and ends with another, as the new rhyme is introduced and takes over. A beautiful picture is painted of two lovers. It isn't until the third stanza that we get a hint that something is amiss ("As something was fading away"). The ending, though not necessarily negative, is not what we expected.

This poem toys with us. It could be a couple who let their love grow old. It could be a couple reliving memories. It could be a couple who discovered what really important about love. It could just be the end of a great day. (The point is that the pom is alive and open to interpretation.) We are all individuals. It is easy to say, "My love or relationship with my someone special is better than yours." Or, "This is the perfect relationship." I am not qualified to tell anyone what is good and what is not, when it come to relationships. What I do suggest is that we focus on our own relationships. Listen and follow those things that are important to "us". Stay alert. We all enjoy relaxation. It's never too late. And most of all enjoy.

I don't know why, but I thought this song worked well with this poem: 
Secondhand Serenade "Your Call" 

Now here to give us her 2 cents on relationships of love is Molly 

Ian Fleming, of James Bond fame, designed and built his home, “Goldeneye”, in Jamaica and wrote ten of his James Bond (007) novels there. Talking about Jamaica, Molly. of "The Bachelor" fame (supposedly) was recently there. She has provided (naturally) her video of her hook-up (supposedly) with Ben Higgins, the bachelor, in Jamaica. 
After watching Molly's video, I'm pretty sure everyone will know why ABC didn't air it. "Molly On 'The Bachelor': S20 E9 Recap". 
(If you want Molly's 2 cents cash, send $10.02 to Molly,)

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Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, 
it will flow back and soften and 
purify the heart. 
Washington Irving


  1. Relationships are always a mystery. Except to the people in them - and sometimes EVEN to the people in them.

    1. You are so right. Knowing this puts you so far ahead.
      Thank you for everything

  2. Wonderful and thought provoking words!

  3. Getting blocked by Funny or Die was a good thing (at least this time).

    1. Sorry about that. You can still watch on YouTube.
      thank you for the visit