Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hats to Dueling Hats 
The different hats we wear 
Guys take their hats and one-up-manship to the realms of laughter 

Hats (poem) 

How many hats do you wear every day
It is a wonder that you are this way
There’s the chef and the ref and your usual job
There’s the police and the priest and your hood for the mob
All the hats that you were every day
You are a marvel nothing less to say
There’s the maid teacher’s aid
And the doctor and nurse
The accountant attendant
And the person on first
The chauffeur the gofer
The artist rehearsed
Think about the hats you wear each day
How do you keep insanity at bay
You’re the plumber a drummer
A waiter the skater
The judge the lawyer and jury
Clothes maker and mender and even a bar tender
The stylist the wildest the keeper of the smile list
A hunter a punter cheerleader with a gun sir
The love the hope and the fury
With all the hats that you wear every day
You are a wonder and a fanciful display 

Here is a weird poem. Considering the subject matter it kind of makes sense. Why don't I call it free form poem? After all, it looks like all the lines don't rhyme. Sometimes the rhymes are lines away. Sometimes the rhyme is contained in the same line. Consider the subject matter. 

Who are we really? An interesting question. Oh sure, we are that person who signs the bottom line at tax time. But even as we read this, we can sense those "other us's" popping their heads out. The poem covers only some of the things a person is. In fact, the list is much, much bigger. A person, we, you and I are wonders. Sure, there are things one individual can do that other individuals cannot. And, of course, there are some things we can all do. We tend to take for granted all the wonderful things that make us us. Or maybe we are too mind boggling to take all that we are in. Or maybe we are thinking, "So what." So what! Consider this: There is only one of each of us. So what. Consider this: The stars in the universe are countless. Take away one star, would the universe be the same? Stars are born and stars die (or fade into something else). Like a star, so much depends on us. Sure, like a star, we are destined to be memories, particles in existence. We are granted our moment in time. Let us light this moment with the wonder which is us. In "the grand scheme of things" nothing is too small. Who are we really? A star. A moment. A wonder. Enjoy. 

This sort of goes with the poem and it is fun: 
Anita Renfroe "The Mom Song" (sung to the William Tell Overture) 

We discussed the many hats we wear - Now for the competition 

First record of a hat is in a painting in a cave at Lussac-les-Chateaux in Central France and it dates some 15,000 BC. Not long ago, hats were a form of status symbols in the urban environment. Everyone rushed out to buy the latest head-wear out there. If one was not in there with the latest fashion trend, they were nothing. For some  it was important to be ahead of the latest trend. 
Here, we have painted for us, two "friends" vying for the number one spot in hat fashion. "Key & Peele - Dueling Hats" 

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All the world's a stage, and all the men 
and women merely players: they have 
their exits and their entrances; and one man 
in his time plays many parts, his acts 
being seven ages. 
William Shakespeare


  1. Great post! I did think this was a free form poem and yet, it is great to see the other perspective. Oh the hats I wear... Yet, your blog post always bring pondering and mindfulness with relationships.

    1. What inspiring words. You are so kind.
      Thank you

  2. What a whimsical poem! Definitely many hats over the course of most days... Quite enjoyable to read, thank you.

    1. I bet you wear them all well.
      Thank you for your hat of kindness

  3. Oh yes. Like everyone else I wear a lot of hats. Some of them fit better than others, some of them suit me more, some are more comfortable, but they are all mine. And part of me.

    1. Right you are!
      I hope my words served as an affirmation for you.
      Thank you for your affirmation

  4. Hello, wonderful poem. It is true we all were different hats at different times. Maybe sometimes we are multi tasking. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Thank you for adding your wonderful thoughts.
      So nice of you to stop by

  5. If people wear hats to me each hat tells me what type of person they are - well to a degree..

    1. I believe I get what you're saying.
      Thank you for shedding a different light on this

  6. Isn't the whole point to wearing hats is to keep track one's task at hand and avoid confusion?

    1. That is a way of looking at it.
      Thank you for keeping my mind open, really appreciate it.