Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lovers’ One More Time to The People Vs Kanye 
What was the crime that sets a lover crying at her window 
What was the crime that got Kanye West involved in a court case 

Lovers’ One More Time (lyrical poem) 

Come out
Pled a lover at her window
A moment in a meadow
A dream upon a pillow
I can’t
For fear
Came an empty reply
Curtains darkened the sky
While tears searched for why
In a darkness she crept
This victim of a broken heart
Covered with shame
Hiding her pain
Battling just one more time
For me
Continued the lover’s song
A scent winds blew along
Refreshing seasons gone
Answering the heart that day
Some may come and some may stray
What mornings come to light lost way
In a darkness she wept
This treasure of another’s heart
Echoes her name
Steadfast remain
Hinting end to a crime
What should she do
Wishing she knew
Lost and confused
Tattered and bruised
Come out
Come out
At a slowly opening door
With not a clue there to explore
As two stranger search evermore 

A lyrical poem? It looks like a free form poem. Wait a minute...! Hold on a minute. First off, free form poems can be lyrical poems. Some of this poem rhymes and some of it doesn't. The purpose in this was to cause ab air of confusion. We are brought into a picture as two lovers reunite. It is now up to us to fill in the myriad of unanswered questions. (Or is it important?) 

Much can happen to lovers, in the heat of passion. Sometimes the passion of love can blind a person. Causing us to hurt. Causing us to act irrationally. Causing us to lose control. Sometimes these steps into the realm of insanity are manifested in little things. Sometimes they can be grandiose, even dangerous. This is a side of love we rarely talk about. Could this be what happened in the poem? Sometimes the same love that brought two people together, can be the source of its own destruction. Strange. Even the beautiful rose has thorns. In our song, the lovers decide to go on. In one line, we see a truth. Love can be a strange paradise. A source of pleasure and pain. One of life's, time's many wonders. What are we to do? Enjoy. 

While we are left to figure it out, here's: Govi "Serenade D'Amor"  

If we thought love was hard to figure out - look to the West 

FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” is proving itself a major success. According to Nielsen’s “live plus-3” the series is now ranked No. 1 among all Tuesday series, with 7.42 million total viewers (based on the season's second episode). The series is so successful that it has (supposedly) caught the attention of Kanye West. Coincidentally, Kanye's recent antics has caught the attention of American Crime Story. 
Solution... "The People V. Kanye" 

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Love is an untamed force. 
When we try to control it, it destroys us. 
When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. 
When we try to understand it, it leaves us 
feeling lost and confused.
Paulo Coelho


  1. Paulo Coelho nailed it.
    Love is a mystery. A sometimes dangerous, frightening mystery.

    1. Yet it can be magic, a tightrope of kisses and star crossed eyes.
      Thank you for your support

  2. Hello, I enjoyed your poem and the quote. Love can be magical and scary at the same time. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

    1. Sounds like you've had some experience.
      Hope it was mostly wonderful.
      Thank you for the warm words

  3. Funny or Die really doesn't like you. What did you do?

    1. I don't know. It was up this afternoon.
      The link works.
      Thank you

  4. So much mystery in love, "a dream upon a window" is such a lovely line...

    1. Let us dance in the brilliance of it
      Thank You for your kindness