Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Memories Of Ever to The LEGO® Batman Movie Teaser 
Where a lover keeps his memories 
Meanwhile batman lets his memories loose 

Memories Of Ever (poem)

In my pillow yearning burning turning
Another moment dream I spent with you
Another star which made a wish come true
Has placed a lover’s hope into my view
Still my heart is racing pacing tracing
Each precious word your luscious lips did share
Each precious motion which you granted air
Now for all time a part of me is there
Tomorrow’s sun may kiss a brand new day
With pleasures treasures measures of its own
What glories will you bless to all we’ve known
Let’s leave it to our longing sighs to say
To my pillow telling dwelling swelling
A splendor which my soul does now revere
A splendor all my senses hold so dear
The memories of ever held right here

A touch of Word Wizardry, here. Notice that last word of the first lines of each stanza (except for the third) doesn't follow the normal rhyme scheme flow. Instead, the rhyme is echoed on that line (i.e. "...yearning burning turning). In the conflict stanza (the third stanza) this word pattern is hidden in the second line. One little extra about this poem. It is unclear if the ending is happy or sad or something else. 

Memories. Let's look at our treasures for a bit. Arlene was a picture freak. Thank goodness. I have black and white photos that go back to our first romps in the park. Looking at them, I am touched with a feeling of melancholy for the times that are no longer there. They are no longer there. Were they truly so beautiful? There was our wedding day. A moment like no other, Was it really so perfect? Then there are the love letters, the preserved flowers, the trophies, the souvenirs and the list goes on and on and on. Now take my examples and move them into our lives. Strange that we are all different, yet we can relate, in our own way to each other. How many of us have memories so grand that they return to us in dreams? And don't we just love when someone says, "Remember when we..."? There is a touch of sweat sadness to it all. Then there is the added seasoning we enhance our memories with. A little gleam that makes what "really" happened more "real". True? There is one great thing about our memories. We did it! Even more amazing, more unbelievable, those memories, like rich soil, have found their way to many other memories. See it. believe it. And as we face tomorrows, make many other beautiful memories and enjoy. 

And while we enjoy, let's enjoy: Solaris Navis "Blissful Memories" 

From the romantic side of memories to a more comical side 

The legendary character Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. Since then many big stars have portrayed Gotham's Dark Knight. Stars like Lewis G Wilson, Robert Lowrey, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Will Arnett. Now Warner Brothers has signed a contract for 2017's Batman. 
As the the studio is busy filming, what it hope will be a box office bonanza, the new star has managed to put out some teasers for his fans. "The LEGO® Batman Movie Teaser - Wayne Manor" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft


  1. Memories can provide comfort and warmth on the darkest nights can't they?

    1. Yes they can.
      Clever play on words (darkest nights - Dark Knight).
      Thank you for the memory

  2. I think it's wonderful you that you have photos in addition to the memories. Beautiful poem...

  3. I don't mind a poem leaving the end to ones imagination. I know many of my poems do, and some of them have many different meanings along the way, to use the imagination.

    1. Isn't it a wonderful way to invite others into our realms?
      Thank you for being part of this