Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Guiding Light to Shaquille O'Neal and Carbonaro Prank 
A lover returns to meet his dream 
In the midst of magic a fan meets his dream 

My Guiding Light (story poem) 

I know that she is waiting there
Her heart-breath song now fills the air
My thoughts of her spreads everywhere
Unfathomed shores which love can span
My thoughts of her my guiding light
Imagination’s trails ignite
Each thing she does I hold here tight
This fantasy is my delight
I rush again to meeting place
Where dreams are made and passions race
And time moves at an endless pace
To follow stream where wishes ran
But there beside familiar tree
No sign of lover do I see
What bleak dark shadows covered me
There was no way that this could be
Just then warm kisses tears defray
As lover sprang from hideaway
Surprises which would grace our day
In moments how it all began 

Nothing too special about this poem, It is simply a playful lark. I say "too special", because we notice that the rhyme scheme seemed to go off on the second stanza On the fourth stanza the strange rhyme returns. The poem ends with the new rhyme and the rhyme pattern becomes clear. This was done to hint something going on. 

Yes, Arlene and I had a special tree. It is by Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. The tree became special to us as we would visit Stow lake, rent a boat, walk the paths, watch the other lovers and watch the day go by kissing by our tree. Sometimes, when we argued Arlene and I returned to our tree and the place two young lovers met to kiss. It was a safe, peaceful get-away, escape from all the world's problems. 
Perhaps we all have our "tree". A place to run off to. A safe haven, where two hearts can refresh. We are told, sold there is no such thing as magic. Sure we can explain what we see on some stage. Or, we can sit back and enjoy. So it is with relationships. We can analyze why or how they work, or we can sit back and take in the wonder of it all. Sometimes the world is just too noisy, too confusing to take in the treasure(s) with which we are blessed. This is where our "tree" calls to us. It doesn't have to be that singular "tree", as we all know. For some, the shade from the world's problems, could be a get-away, a dinner, a dance, a movie, let imagination go. For some there are different "trees" for different challenges. There are even some who can't hear their "tree" calling. But we, the lucky, the blessed,  treasure our rendezvous and enjoy. 

A touch of romance to go with the poem: Kathleen Battle "Lovers"  

Shaq is back to give a fan a heart attack 

Originally, two teams of 9 players made up a basketball game, a number that was based on the standard number of players on a baseball team. Speaking of basketball, imagine a big fan of Shaquille O'Neal finally getting to meet him. Well, Shaq is big. The fan actually isn't that big. Now, imagine playing with that fan's mind. Now, imagine asking that fan to stand up to Shaq, 
Imagine no more. Just watch, "The Carbonaro Effect - Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Carbonaro Prank an Unsuspecting Fan" 

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Franklin P. Jones


  1. I hope that everyone, partnered or not, has a haven of peace and safety. Having one to share? Bonus. Big bonus.

    1. We are united in this.
      Thank you for all you bring

  2. How wonderful to have a special tree! I love trees.

    1. Thank you for feeling this special place