Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Lovers’ Brew to 9 month Bump to Buddy 
Follow lovers' unbelievable stroll through life 
Follow lovers' 9 month wait for a new addition to their love 

Our Lovers’ Brew (poem) 

In all that life has put me through
There at my side was always you
To put up with that something new
Or offer second point of view
We really danced by candle light
When things they were a little tight
Familiar faces hid from sight
Thus thrust us to our own delight
I closed my eyes and held you through the night
And listened to your gentle little coo
As we slipped into our lovers’ brew
We knew that everything would turn out right
We grew as did our family
Our plans were laid more carefully
So family we might freely spree
Together for the world to see
I close my eyes beside you near our tree
And listened to our children’s playful plight
Remembering each treasured drop of dew
As we slipped into our lovers’ brew
To greet each morning in world so bright
My love and partner lying next to me
Then came that time kids went their way
So we thought at greatness play
We placed our talents on a tray
And jumped into the thirsty fray
I close my eyes a dream each precious day
And listen to you laugh so happily
Remembering the visions you excite
In hearts of lesser lovers who would stew
As we slipped into our lovers’ brew
Each kiss we shared will make the moon ignite
There never were two lovers such as we
Reality itself now lights our sway
To our dismay our grand display
Too like Capri for jealousy
So out of sight with utter spite
It changed the hue of lovers’ brew
The nights of sway
For lovers we
To kiss good night
The treasured dew
Maybe might view
New brew 

It is hard to define this poem. I suppose it can be set to music. The beats are pretty consistent, except for the last two stanzas (codas). One will notice that the chorus ("I close my eyes...") keeps growing. This is because as the poem goes on, the choruses incorporate all the rhymes of the proceeding verses. Notice that the last two four line verses contain all for rhymes. Keep in mind this is a poem about a couple's life. All the parts become part of a bigger picture. As the couple deals with their twilight, memories remain. Memories and hope. 

This poem, pretty much is a highlight of this coupe's, Arlene and Martin, life. One of the great advantage of living and experiencing a grand life is one has the confidence of listening to and enjoying the life stories of others. Arlene and I were fortunate to listen to and share in other lovers grand experiences. Generally the poem speaks of the journey of many couples who had a family, like ours. Oh sure, it is not exactly alike. But the concept of the poem points to the magic that we call life. So different. So alike. 
As the poem draws to an end, the couple must, all of the sudden deal with their "sunset". This is where the poem becomes fun. The couple face a conflict. Did they lose everything or is their "a return", something more?  And as the poem comes to an end (two syllables) does hope appear? And we. As we drink our brew. what is live sawing? Enjoy. 

And for our listen enjoyment: Carpenters "For All We Know" 

Pregnancies! - Could we exchange stories 

The record for the longest human pregnancy goes to Mrs. Beulah Hunter. She was pregnant for 375 days before she gave birth ti her daughter, Penny Diana. Let me remind everyone, there are 365 days to a year. Meet actress Giovanna Falcone. She had a somewhat normal pregnancy. Normal except her husband, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and children's author, Tom Fletcher (of the English pop rock band McFly) wanted to make a production of the entire pregnancy. 
So here, for all antiquity is Giovanna, Tom and their son Buzz waiting for Buddy. "Bump to Buddy" 

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  1. Hope is a fragile essential isn't it?

    1. Yes it is and I consider myself a positive person.
      Thank you and may you always find your hope

  2. Replies
    1. A romantic... hey? Lucky you.
      Thank you for everything