Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slain In Streets to Rap Album Confessions 
A friend was murdered 
A detective tries to get a confession from a murderer 

Slain In Streets (Martin verse) 

A friend I knew was slain in streets today
A victim of injustice people say
But what would come to flame up their dismay
The evidence was kept in disarray
The anger of the people quickly grew
As focus on the mishap others drew
So much was built on little that they knew
That mobs of sheer confusion saw them through
They rushed to buy the latest thoughts today
As one more image one more speaker drew
Some wondered of the stories that they knew
Not seeing there was truth in disarray
A crime was buried as the shouting grew
Was all their fault would other people say
As some would climb this mountain of dismay
And others counted money flowing through
In time they sought a newer disarray
As shroud of fog now covers this dismay
No matter what tomorrow’s headlines say
A friend I knew was slain in streets today

Another example of a Martin verse. A Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Two sets of four rhyming words are selected. The first two stanzas introduce the eight words. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. In this Martin verse the meaning of "friend" changes. Think about it. 

I am very lucky. The police officers at Taraval Station (my police district) are exceptional. Perhaps that is because I live in a relatively peaceful part of San Francisco. Lately a lot of police crimes have been making the news. Forgive me, if I vent a little. Let's put aside the fact of the sheer numbers. (Considering how many people live in America, the number of these police crimes is real low.) Low or not, the loss of a life should not be taken lightly. We should take, use these events as a warning that there is something wrong. Or at least opportunities for improvement. But we don't. We cannot. Cover ups, Right groups, people taking advantage the situation, the media convolute what we really need: the truth. White police officers kill a black man. The black community legally organize rallies to protest and call attention. A bunch of antagonists join the rallies. Businesses and stores are broke into, burnt and robbed. Some of the businesses and stores had black owners. The media cover their parts of the stories. The layers make their money. I get it. (No, I don't.) Here is something even wilder. The police officers of Taraval Station have been effected by all of this. 

I found a video to go with all of this: Elliot Goldenthal "Libera Me" 

Let's lighten the mood up a lot and kill our confusion 

One of the most notorious serial killers of all time, the Zodiac Killer made a name for himself as he killed at least 5 people and bragged and taunted local newspapers with letters about his crimes. While multiple suspects have been named, the case currently remains unsolved. Detective Key (of the comedy team Key and Peele)  has a problem of his own. He must make the murderer rapper, Peele confess to his crime. Detective Key has all the evidence he needs. It seems like an open and shut case. 
Or is it? "Key & Peele - Rap Album Confessions" 

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Man is least himself when he talks 
in his own person. Give him a mask, 
and he will tell you the truth. 
Oscar Wilde


  1. There are rotten apples in every barrel. It is always sad and frightening when those rotten apples are in 'protective' industries though. Some firefighters start fires, some police are corrupt, some doctors put monetary gain before their patient's health.
    I think that politicians are the most self-serving though.

    1. What makes matters worse is we tend to complicate rather than solve matters.
      Thank you for expressing yourself,

  2. Alas, I suppose I am just not sophisticated enough to get the point of Libera Me.

    1. Or maybe you are just too positive.
      Thank you for the insight

  3. Interesting thoughts on a complicated topic...

    1. Were you taken for a ride?
      Thank you for the feedback