Thursday, March 24, 2016

Speak To Me to Woof (dogs speak their mind) 
The sound of a lover's voice brings comfort 
The sound of a dog's voice brings laughter 

Speak To Me (free form poem) 

Speak to me in softness
Speak to me of distances we climbed
Moments mended from a dream
Things that never left undone
Speak to me in seasons
Each more stunning than the last
Blessed with sun and cleansing rain
Blossoms hiding signs of ground
And the wounded footsteps
Speak to me in marvels
Mountains echo out our names
Heights that chances’ risk attained
Passion pulsing heartbeats
We did it
Speak to me in this
Now when the shadow
Cast its fog amid our once familiar streets
Clouds of confusion doubt and uncertainty
Dark corners seldom known before
Teasing us with comfort
Speak to me in promise
We met one day and fell in love
A marvel in itself enough
Would grow into the storybooks of many
Dancing in the street
Now blanketed by shadow
Leaving us
Here alone
Speak to me in this 

A free form poem with a hidden message. Most of the poem expresses the beauty and comfort that flow from his lover's lips. If one notices, all but one stanza begins with, "Speak to me...". Here is the hidden revealed. The one line where these words are missing, is the conflict stanza. In other words, hearing, listening to his beloved soothes, washes away, brushes aside all discomfort. 

I'm not sure when and how I became a good (not great) listener. I do know Arlene had a great voice (to me) and wonderful dreams. Turn the music down low and listen to my beloved, that's how I liked to top off a day. It wasn't just in romance. Arlene and I were just different enough to get along. Therein layed the power of the Arlene and Martin team. When it comes to individuals 1 + 1 can equal so much more. So it was when Arlene and I lead the PTA, volunteered as coaches, got involved with Masonry, raised our children, shined as volunteers and so much more. Then there were the bad times. I listened to Arlene and she listened to me. Then, as a reward of a job well done, I got to listen to Arlene telling me how wonderful things were. 
I'm certain, we all share in my experience, at one level or another. Arlene were as special as the rest of us. I was simply affirming what we already knew and enjoy. 

While we are contemplating this, let's enjoy: Gary B "Bitter Sweet" 

The world is full if radical changes - This is one of them 

Studies show dogs naturally like to play keep-away better than fetch. We need to train our dog to play fetch, but not keep-away. That's what studies say. But what do dogs have to say? What? You can't understand your dog because your dog only barks. Mark Edward Fischbach, known by his YouTube username Markiplier, has come up with a solution. 
Why don't dogs do this naturally, we may be asking. The laughter of watching this video, may give us some clue? "WOOF"

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The first duty of love is to listen. 
Paul Tillich


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the compliment and blessing
      Happy Easter to you

  2. Sometimes (some precious times) one and one adds up to an infinitely high number.

    1. Oh you know. You are blessed indeed
      Thank you for the affirmation

  3. Wonderful poem! It speaks to me. It is so import how we speak to others and our intentions!

    1. Thank you for your valued input
      Communication, especially listening, is an important skill

  4. Oh, the bond between you and Arlene, a special one indeed, envy-able.....
    But your video, now that had me in stitches, thank you for the laugh *grin*

    1. So glad that you enjoyed, really.
      Thank you for warming my heart with your support

  5. Hello, beautiful poem! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Thank you for the compliment
      Have a great weekend
      Happy Easter

  6. Love is indeed a marvel. This poem is lovely.

  7. I know that it may not compare all that favorably with what you were able to accomplish before you became so sick, but I am in awe of how much you get done each and every day here. For I know a little bit about how much work is required just to copy and paste things, and you put my efforts to shame. Furthermore, your poetry is very deep and generally uplifting. So, if you get to feeling pretty worthless, know that you are most definitely not--albeit apparently only in the eyes of the only One whose opinion truly counts.

    1. Thank you for your compliments.
      I feel that I have been a good servant.
      As blessed as my life has been I cannot be turned