Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweet Blessing to How To Bake Cookies Like A Toddler 
First enter into the sweetness of a lover's blessings 
Then enter into the sweetness of cookies made by a toddler 

Sweet Blessing (English sonnet) 

Sweet blessing of the morning’s gentle dawn
Bright blossom of the glories of the day
Please teach this heart the proper words to say
So dreams and lovers’ themes may carry on
The winds of wonder wait to whirl away
To blissful stream where promised hope is drawn
Bright beauty which this world now waits upon
Sweet answer which a wish has sent my way
What use the empty scent which once I knew
Mere timeless gloom which oft would end with rain
How meaningless the moments I passed through
Just endless strains toward means I can’t explain
Now blessed am I to hold this kiss of you
And every dawn the bliss of your refrain 

Another example of the English sonnet form. If you read yesterday's edition, the English sonnet followed this rhyme scheme: ABBA, BAAB, CDE, CDE. The English sonnet here uses this rhyme scheme: ABBA, BAAB, CD, CD, CD. Here again we have a lover exploring is blessings. The poem starts off with the glories of the day. Then, as we enter into the couplets,  we get a clue of how things use to be. We (and the recipient of the poem) find out the reason for the change, as the sonnet reaches its conclusion. 

I know it isn't just me. Life is full of challenges. I'm from the school that carries around heavy rocks because it feels so good when I put them down. In other words, I put myself into big stress circumstances. My life partner is very important to me. I know it isn't just me. With my wife by my side, things don't seem so bad. I don't know why, but simply seeing her reassures me there is an answer to anything. We can do it. It is possible. Just seeing her. Imagine a kiss. A touch. A faithful ear. A soft shoulder to ease the weight of the world. I know it isn't just me. In my current situation, I am given to depression. But depression doesn't stand a chance in the face or thought of my wife. Therein lies another wonder.  It's not just her physical presence, it is knowing that my wife will be there that fills me with power, with confidence, with comfort. And wondrous still, I don't know how, but I am filled with the certainty, that I fill my wife with similar blessings. For me it is my wife. For other individual it could be a myriad of others. Life can be wonderful, especially with the hands of that someone special nearby. So enjoy. 

To keep the romance going, here's: Koru "I Believe" 

From the sweetness of love to the sweetness of cookies and more 

According to The Daily Meal. the best cookie in America, in 2015, is the chocolate cloud cookies baked in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, New York. I don't know about that. My favorite cookies are my mom's vanilla cookies. Comedian and proud father La Guardia Cross might have us both beat, when it comes to sweet cookies. 
It's not simply the ingredients that make cookies so sweat  in the Cross house. Find out more. "How to Bake Easter Cookies Like A Toddler" 

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In the harshest place on Earth, ... love finds a way.
Morgan Freeman


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