Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Cat to This is Your Brain on Drugs 
A strange tale about a cat 
A strange tale about... Well it's a strange tale 

The Cat (story poem) 

Somewhere buried near the terrace
He is lurking there for me
Darkened eyes of night
Emitting pail moon light
It was the cat
Imagine that
Hence I harkened to the menace
As he beckoned “Come pray see”
He brushed by near the floor
Then slammed and locked the door
It was the cat
Imagine that
With disgust I climbed a lattice
To a window near its tree
What face awaited there
Demonic was his glare
It was the cat
Imagine that
Through the window into my place
Hapless thought, I now stood free
For there atop my stairs
To end my life’s affairs
It was the… 

A story poem that is meant to be fun, yet somewhat eerie. The first two lines of each stanza are related to the other first two lines. The first lines uses "loose rhymes" (Words that sound similar, but do not necessarily rhyme). The poem stops unexpectedly: 1) To let the reader's imagination finish the poem. 2) The speaker was unable to finish his thought. 3) To have fun. 

Who doesn't like surprises? Sure, different individuals have different thresholds and there may be instances when surprises are not welcome. But, who doesn't like surprises? I hope that we all do, to some extent. Life is full of surprises.
Let me share one of the wildest surprises, stunts, I pulled on Arlene. It was her birthday and I told her that I had tickets for a musical. What she didn't know was, the musical was in New York, (I live in San Francisco.) A friend of mine had a travel deal that no one, in their right mind, could pass up. Arlene and I got dressed up, as normal. I told her, we were eating at a great new restaurant that I found near the airport. Arlene, normally very sharp (or playing with me) didn't catch on that something was amiss until we drove into the airport approach. It was then I told her to check out our tickets. They were for the musical "Cats", playing on Broadway, New York. 
If we aren't laughing yet... When on the plane, Arlene became concerned with how expensive her gift might be. I told her the unbelievable deal our friend had gotten us. This became a constant subject of conversation until we got back and Arlene could talk with our friend. It was an unbelievable deal. And... I suspect Arlene got wind of my surprise (though I can't prove it) and successfully covered up her knowledge of her birthday gift. What did life teach us? Enjoy. 

A song to go with the poem: Macabre "The Cat Came Back" 

People tell us that drugs are bad - But listen to this tale 

Nutmeg is a common spice found in most kitchens. But did you know, according to the New York Times, taken in large doses, nutmeg is a hallucinogenic drug, with negative effects. The team at Above Average Network has found something else loose in some kitchens that some wouldn't suspect. There is one major problem with Above Average,s findings.
Watch Above Average's video and if we're lucky and if we do not laugh too much. we just might see the hazard or hazards or the nutmeg laying around. "'This is Your Brain on Drugs' Commercial – Extended Cut" 

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Women and cats will do as they please, 
and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. 
Robert A. Heinlein


  1. Cats? How I would have loved to see that movie. Lucky Arleen. And you.
    And I share my life with two black cats. One whose heart is as black as his fur.

    1. Some libraries have the video - free
      Lucky you - to be a pet owner
      Thank you for the visit

  2. Oh I do like black cats, there is just something appealing about them.

    1. Persian cats is my favorite.
      Thank by blessing me with your comment

  3. I can remember that PSA from years ago, but I had no idea all of that went on behind the scenes. Was this one produced by the marijuana lobby?

    1. I remember that too. What is really funny "they" would like us to forget that PSA. That's the media for you.
      Thank you for for dropping by