Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Flower Song to French Fry Rap 
There was the romantic song of a flower 
There was the less romantic rap of the French fry 

The Flower Song (poem) 

Twas summer’s glory on the day they met
As youthful kisses marked their silhouette
They kissed from morning past when starlight set
In all their richness there was one regret
The sight of flower growing by their side
Their days were filled with wonder and surprise
Each corner brought new Joys to spark their eyes
A fairytale their kisses would comprise
As every way new kisses would arise
And flower opened up its blossom wide
In time these hope filled lovers would be wed
As thoughts toward home and family led
Warm kisses sent their children to their bed
As kisses to these memories were shed
And flower’s seeds filled world with beauty’s pride
As life went on misfortune found their way
Amazed and dazed they met its harsh dismay
But dreams of kisses nothing could defray
With kisses’ wishes lovers chose to stay
As rainless days the strength of flower tried
The winds across the couple’s story passed
Such moments had their star of ever massed
A fragrance floating lifetime’s skies so vast
One teardrop brought their stories to the last
The kisses stopped the instant flower died 

There are a number of things going on in this poem. Let's go over the most obvious. First here are two sets of rhymes. One is short lived and changes as the poem progresses. The other, representing the flower, remain constant and holds the poem together. While we're talking about the flower, it represents something more. Did we notice, each stanza contains kisses? Kisses not only refer to when lips touch. Kissing refers to touch in general. Not only that, kisses are the source of memories. What else is hidden in this poem? Have fun. 

The flower and this poem was brought to life by Arlene, my first wife, and I. The whole affair began when a tear from Arlene touched my right arm. I fell madly in love with her. Then there was our wedding day. Few people have had a perfect day. I have. The day I married Arlene (July 27, 1974) was perfect, from beginning to end. Arlene and my love affair was story book. I wish I could tell you it was perfect. As one might expect, the same fire of passion was the source of bitter disputes. Yet somehow we weathered the storm. Those perfect lovers, that perfect love, disappeared. Yet, we stayed together. Arlene and I still loved each other, till the end, though things had changed. Something kept us together. Magic? Religious? There was something more. 
Many people have gone through, experienced something similar. This is not a unique passage in the pages of life. I have focused on love, but these marvels can take on other forms. Has anything(s) ever happened to us that defies explanation? I'm  pretty sure an explanation for all the wonders of our life might be explained if everything could be traced back to the very beginning. Of course, I could be wrong. Could it be, something grander is going on? Life really can be wonderful. Enjoy. 

Look what I found: Yanni "In the Mirror" 

We've heard a lot of rap songs, but how about one for French fries 

As we are munching down on our French fries remember this: There is still an ongoing dispute about the origin of French fries between Belgium and France which was started by the Belgian journalist Jo GĂ©rard claims that a 1781. In 2016 Gregg, an American chef (opinion is still out on this), of You Suck At Cooking, has come out with a new rap song about French fries. As far as we know, this is the first rap song about French fries, so America will definitely get credit for its origin. Also, as far as we know, Gregg has no knowledge of the dispute between Belgium and France. 
Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway have thrown their hats into the French fry grease. "French Fry Rap - You Suck at Cooking (episode 35)" 

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Ben Okri


  1. Life can indeed be wonderful. If we notice, celebrate and cherish it (and the memories too).
    And how appropriate. Rotten blogger is insisting I verify my identity - by clicking on all the images of flowers.

    1. Celebrate, is indeed right. It is my thinking to welcome the good, and find the good in all things. It took a while to find this.
      Thank you for the kindness

  2. Now I want french fries.

    1. From Belgium or France?
      Thank you for stopping by

  3. Flowers have such fleeting beauty. Love, I hope, last longer then those tender blooms. Very thought provoking words!

    1. A clue: Arlene died in 2002. People still talk about that magic couple.
      Thank you for the sweet words.

  4. it is a superb composition and, as usual, reveals the might of your pen ... i clicked on the 'join' icon but there is some problem ...

    1. Thank you for dropping by, old friend.
      I'll report the issue to support

  5. The flower video is lovely.
    The french fries one is different and we call them chips.

    1. Glad you enjoyed.
      Thank you for everything

  6. Couldn't your poetic flowers have been perennials--with the hope of blooming anew each spring?

    1. That may be... yet even then each bloom would be different.
      Thank you for this insight