Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Friday Night Affair to Best Volleyball Blocks Ever 
A hero of men falls 
A hero of volleyball is raised 

The Friday Night Affair (Italian sonnet) 

Our sentries now well stationed with keen view
The hour nears this refuge we defend
Brave toast to courage with one lasting brew
We legends of tomorrow now transcend
What tales of glory will remain at dawn
To prove that we as men together stood
Upon this ground our spirits’ cause was drawn
We heroes drank of life all that we could
We hear their army as they clamor near
The bleakness for our future fills their shouts
Our doors cannot hold back their wake of fear
Men turned to hens are taken by their doubts
So clear I hear familiar voice from home
Reminding me of what awaited there
Next came the slapping round about my dome
Thus ends another Friday night affair 

No one ever said a sonnet has to be serious. In this sonnet I tried to be mysterious and long as possible before the clarity of the situation comes out. If we haven't quite figured it all out: Our wives crashed the guys' bar. Don't look for any word play. I used all my energy in the cover up. 

This sonnet is a tribute to that Friday night. At Chevron we coworkers were very close. On Fridays, after work, my department would go to our favorite bar. The week gave us plenty to laugh at and drink to. I got too drunk to know what was brewing at the home front. One Friday night my wife, Arlene, busts through the bar's door and shouts, "MARTIN, YOU BETTER COME HOME! RIGHT NOW!" Here's where the legend gets better. On the following Monday, at work, I became the brunt of oh so many jokes, The guy whose wife dragged him out of the bar. It was clear "who wore the pants" in my family. I have a good sense of humor, so I laughed along. My boss, Ted, spent day after day asking me, how I could let my wife embarrass me in front of my friends and coworkers. I don't know how long it was till other things took over Martin's wife drug him out of the bar. 
Hold on, the story gets better. Remember my boss, Ted? He was a member of my Masonic Lodge. At a dinner, in his honor, he brought up the story of now long ago, of a man (me) who was drug out of a bar by his wife. The tale was as funny as every word from Ted's mouth. Arlene and I were in tears, laughing. Ted's wife heard the story and said, "sounds like the time I had to drag you (Ted) out of that bar." Her words brought down the house. (I finally got Ted's joke of way back then.)
So guys, if your wife drags you out of a bar. remember this: enjoy. 

To go along with these bar jokes: Marlene Dietrich "The Boys in the Backroom" 

As one hero falls another is raised 

Volleyball was created on February 9, 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts; by a YMCA physical education director, William G. Morgan. Except for those bikini clad girls at the summer beaches, this spot doesn't get the attention it deserves. Studio C's very own Scott Sterling is a big star in the college volleyball circuit. His biggest  attribute is his unchallengable skills as a defensive player. He may go down in history as the Best Blocker Ever. 
Seeing is believing as Yale takes on the University of North Carolina. "Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling". 

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Khalil Gibran


  1. What an amazing woman! Martin, you come home right now.... She is home in your heart .... forever! Great post!

    1. Thank you, Ginger. I'm so glad you liked this edition and that you came by

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for making some time for this

  3. Interesting story about the bar. Never had to do that to my husband as he never went to the Pub, just not that way inclined.

    1. You were lucky, I guess. But the whole thing did make a great story.
      Thank you for sharing a bit of you