Friday, March 18, 2016

The Riddle Of Love to Blind Man Prank
Most of us are blind to love's riddle
But this blind man sees clearly how to make people laugh 

The Riddle Of Love (free form poem) 

I might ignite the way of a lover
Blind you with flowers
Delight your ears with words
But to me
Let’s just see
I might dine you on dreams of delight
Exciting your appetite with wonders so new
Make special moments
A crown upon your head
Yet for me
Let’s just see
I might find flows to carry you away
Flying so high you dare not welcome sleep
For here you are the dream of dreams
All at your command
All is letting go
Still there’s me
Let’s just see
The world which you once thought you knew
Now stands around wishing it’s you
Each page is a story of you
The sun spreads the mornings for you
As heartbeats repeating it’s you
And all mirrors now reflect you
I might cast this dance into forever
The whispers of stardust to the flowers
Of the endless moments held in time
Which memories ever repeating
Of lovers who found Joy
Within each other’s eyes
Was it me
Let’s just see 

An Interesting "free form" poem. Sure many of the stanzas end in a rhyme and one stanza ends almost entirely with the word "you". The overall effect is a poem that seems to rhyme. Not to mention, what is going on in this poem. So we have one aspect playing against or with another. 

Toying with possibilities, with expressions of a moment. We have endless avenues of expressing our love, of flavoring those magic moments. I believe, love is an endless mystery, an endless realm of or for imagination. Try to define it. Try to express it. Two people meet. There is something more. Books, stories and people tell us what to do. Yet, we feel we know there is something more. We do our best to express ourselves, to make our feelings known, to grant them meaning. Try as we might there exists this inkling, we have somehow fallen short. Many of us have a fixation calling, a thought that permeates, takes over all else: You, you,you. Many of us learn to control it, so that shouts become whispers. For some, those whispers add a level of complexity. I believe that the source, the gem of our affection feels through love's complexity, as do we, and two hearts beat as one. There are those who believe, who teach: Love is the simplest thing of all. Simple or complex, enjoy. 

While we try to make sense of it all, here's: Dispecer10 (mix) "Stay With Me" 

Guess who is on the loose again 

Ashrita Furman currently holds the record for holding the most records in the Guinness Book of World Records with 121 titles to his credit. Most agree that Rémi Gaillard is currently the top prankster around. Rémi Gaillard is a French prankster, born in n Montpellier, France, who uploads videos on YouTube, after losing his job at a shoe store. He claims over 2.1 billion views. 
After, what seems like a long hiatus, Rémi is back. "BLIND MAN PRANK (REMI GAILLARD)" 

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Love is composed of a single soul 
inhabiting two bodies. 


  1. Hello, beautiful love poem and I like the Aristotle quote. The blind man prank video is funny. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Wow! You really enjoyed this post.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. So many possibilities in love. I am moved by how you see and explore such a deep and wonderful emotion.

  3. I like the poem. Things we all want to hear.

    1. So very kind of you to say.
      Thank you

  4. It is so sad to see so many not bothering to help that apparently blind man.

    1. And the video is in France. It has to do with a human nature (too involved to get into here.) But there is hope.
      Always great to see your comment. Thank you