Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Road to Ken Block's Gymkhana Eight 
What is carried on the wind for a man on the road 
What excitement is stirred as Ken Block opens the road 

The Road (free form poem) 

What could the winds bring
To this traveler on the road
Scents of some past
Whispers of dreams
Soft strokes upon the face
Reasons for staying
Reasons for waiting
Reasons returning
The traveler shouted to the winds
What draws you onto this road
Faceless voices
Comforting veils
Echoes through my heart
Reasons recalling
Reasons for stalling
Reasons appealing
The traveler cried
Falling down upon the road
So familiar
Again at last
Its gentle caresses
Reasons refilling
Reasons unfolding
Reasons still holding
Then in unsettling tears
The winds drew reasons of their own
A face to the voices
Some love kept it unclear
The source behind the winds
Was there upon the road

Let me get this out of the way. I'm aware "ing" doesn't constitute a rhyme. Thus we have three stanzas ending in a pseudo-rhyme. If we think about it, there are two things going on. Two voices. As the poem ends, the second voice disappears (or is replaced). 

The road represents our journey through life. It isn't always straight forward or clear. At least mine wasn't. For some, the road can be maddening, especially in the face of the unexpected. Sometimes we are carried away by something. Be it success or be it failure or the myriad of things that life is host to. Life is wonderful. More wonderful than most individuals can handle, can process. Thus on our road, there is something calling. Something. If only we can listen. I say can, because it isn't always that simple.
Each individual has a somewhat different calling while on their road. For me, I had at least six major disruptions on the road. Now, this is going to sound a little strange. As I searched for answers, a direction, the voice that came to me was that of Arlene. Arlene was my purpose in life. Strange, because in my confusion I lost touch with sole reason for everything. Yes, I am a Christian. I talk to my Lord daily. You may take this as religious or just a form of meditation. Call it what we will, but this  (I believe) allowed me to hear Arlene.
Then Arlene died. Disruption on the road? In time there came another voice. The voice of my wife, Amor. A new purpose? The road is wonderful. Far beyond my understanding . I am only human. One individual on a road. 

Look at I found: Syko Beats "Road to Redemption" 

We may want to fasten our seat belts and hold on to something 

The local people of Dubai are called Emiratis. They are just 15% of the total population. The majority of the population is split between India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and European countries. Kenneth "Ken" Block is not a resident of Dubai. He is a professional rally driver with the Hoonigan Racing Division, from Long Beach, California. Ted has come to Dubai to wow us, not only with his driving expertise, but with an experience. 

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You will never be happy if you continue 
to search for what happiness consists of. 
You will never live if you are looking for 
the meaning of life. 
Albert Camus


  1. My road hasn't been straight - but I much prefer the byways to the highways anyway.

    1. You are not alone.
      Thank you from San Francisco

  2. I can not imagine anyone's life being a straight road, there are zig-zags, detours, exciting and maddening times. Lovely poem, thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Even mankind's most "perfect" examples had their bumps on the road.
      Th you for the warm compliment

  3. I wonder if Ken Block will drive like that when his daddy makes him buy his own tires?

    1. My mother's boyfriend was a car freak. Really.
      The answer is yes.
      Thank you as always