Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Music Played to Marble Machine music instrument 
Who could believe music led to this 
Who could believe music inspired this 

What Music Played (English sonnet) 

What music played to draw him out that night
To settle heart which had so much to bear
A gentle scent left floating in the air
Amid the darkness soothing hope of light
What melody removed his soul from care
And took all meaning from his senses’ sight
What song of promise called to hold him tight
To make a moment she would have to share
That day the couple let their feelings go
So vicious were the words of bitter heat
The pain of tears reveals each mindless blow
Till in their darkness they would both retreat
What tune played next no one will ever know
They found his body laying in the street 

I've used this trick before. We have two quatrains drawing a picture, though romantic, that could lead anywhere. With the introduction of the couplets, the sonnet turns violent. When the sonnet concludes, we are left with a gruesome mystery. One might have expected that it was the girl's body laying there. But it was the guy's! Just messing with your head?

I didn't really know a guy who died as a result of a lovers' quarrel (not that I'm aware of). Let's use this sonnet to think about the way things are. People, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of where they're from, regardless of a myriad of facets that makes us individuals, are basically peaceful. Regardless of what the media feeds us, people, as a whole, just want to live a happy life. A life without too many problems. I venture to say, smile and most people will smile back. So why is the media filled with bad people? How many bad people? 10, 100, 1,000. In 2013 the world crossed the 7 billion people mark. Let's face it, peaceful people like bad news. It sells. The media has tried feeding us nothing but good news, but their efforts proved unprofitable. Sure, we like our love stories, but the dollars seem to show that people are attracted to murders, killings, tragedy, suffering and the like.
Now here's the question. Could it be that reading about (hearing about it) somehow makes people, as a whole, more peaceful? Or are people just naturally drawn to bad news, as long as it didn't happen in their neighborhood? Enjoy the poem. 

Here is a tune to go with the poem: Rob Barron "I Miss You More Than Most" 

Music madness takes many forms as we are about to find out 

The world record for marble maze run is held by Swinburne University. On August 4th 2013, a group of its engineering students watched as a marble traversed a 10 story, 1300m structure they constructed. Meet Wintergatan. They are  a Swedish electronica and folk music group from Karlstad, consisting of Anders "Flanders" Molin, Martin "MacGyver" Molin, Marcus Sjöberg and Jon Nils Emanuel Ekström. The band create their own marble maze. Wintergatan's marble maze is not going to earn any world records; Unless one likes good music. 
Here is Martin Molin showing off Wintergartan's latest creation. "Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)" 

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    1. Thank you for the support.
      Wisnes for a bright day

  2. Bad news adds drama to life. Sadly, some people feel the need for that drama.
    Perhaps to remind themselves how lucky they/we are?
    However, studies have shown that exposure to violence tends to increase the propensity to commit violence. No easy answers here...

    1. Good point.
      Yes, I am familiar with that riddle (exposure to violence)
      As always, thank you for bringing your value

  3. Well, I can't say that the marble machine was really cool, but the music it played was.

    1. How about this -
      Thank you for dropping in

    2. Oh yeah, that'll most definitely work! There was one day while I was cruising along on I-40 in eastern Arizona when I ran across a Navajo Nation radio station that was broadcasting some chanting. I was pretty fascinated for the first few minutes, but hearing what sounded like the same thing being repeated over and over again got rather old in a hurry.

    3. You know what that means?
      You where not on peyote. Ha ha

    4. Yeah, I have missed out on a lot. Sigh.