Friday, April 29, 2016

Blossoms Of A Dream to Proud Thug 
From the sweetness of a dream 
To a thugs' meeting 

Blossoms Of A Dream (free form poem) 

How did it happen
Those heartbeats ago
When a dream began
Its season’s bloom
There was a glow
There was a wonder
There was a something
A light to a door
The flowers did gather
There under the tree
To share of their splendor
To welcome tune played
There was a flow
There was a freedom
There was a moment
A glory of all
But the winds of time
Cast blossoms of dream
To other proud trees
Shading their flowers
There through unknown
There memories grew
There present met a past
Sweetened by a tear
And under its tree
A dream once alive
Renews the dying others
As it waits its turn
Where did it go
Where was the purpose
Where were the blossoms
Growing in the distance

An inviting fantasy wrapped up in a free form poem. The poem hoping to have two main effects. One is to draw us in. Though the words are not exact, they seem to draw us in. Strangely, we are drawn in in like a scent to a warm welcome wind. Another, is to point to the never ending moments, seasons of love. Notice the poem is divided into three parts. It begins with "How did it happen". Then it turns to the "realities" with "There was a flow" (the fourth stanza). The last stanza begins with "Where did it go". An ending or a new beginning? 

Call me a "love-sick romantic". I don't think love ever dies. I don't mean just the concept of love. I am talking about that first kiss with Malana, that perfect day of Arlene's and my wedding, that time of wonder when Amor and I went to Las Vegas. I believe that lovers are like flowers Though we are all unique individuals, we are spreading a scent, a seed, a memory (of love) that will repeat. Repeat in other flowers. Repeat in other moments. That first kiss with Malana, was done before by another and will be repeated by another and another and another... Oh sure, it was not exactly like ours, but we were an important part of its eternity. It is hard to explain, but I hope we are beginning to sense, to feel, to understand, what is being expressed. The love we have, is seen by others (in one form or another). The "pollen" is spread. A moment is reborn. again and again and... Think about it. Malana wasn't just born a great kisser. We all learn and grow. The knowledge, ideas, experience comes from someplace. Have you ever experienced young lovers who seem oddly familiar? We may not share my belief. But there is something more to love. Some magic to the moments we make with another. Some meaning in the winds of time calling us to enjoy. 

While we reflect, here's a love video: Secret Garden "Nocturne" 

From the sublime to the mud 

According to the internet (who we know we can all believe) when it comes to Hispanic street gangs we do not turn to Mexico but a few miles north, to the county of Los Angeles who, as of 2015, bears the weight of over 500 Latino gangs. That's why we turn to east coasters Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele. This comedy team knows very little about any gang, but they sure are funny. Plus, it is rumored, they both know how to work the internet. 
One more extra. They wrote a sketch about a Hispanic gang. "Proud Thug" 

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A lot of people like the idea of eternal love 
and eternal romance. The notion of love 
that is more profound and deeper 
because it is eternal is very powerful. 
James Patterson


  1. Hello, I loved your poem and the pretty blossoms. The James Patterson quote is so true. Most people like the idea of eternal romance and love. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hello to you.
      So glad you enjoyed. I was a bit nervous.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts

  2. The notion of eternal love is loved by many. Thanks so much for your support this A-Z.

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

    1. I hope I added some foundation to the trust in eternal love.
      Thank you for breathing life to a dream

  3. Its ok to be " A love sick romantic. Those two things are hard to come by now days.
    Enjoyed your post today.

    1. Let's tart a movement.
      Thank you for the sweat comment

  4. What a magical poem! I think love is so important and reading your poems is such an affirmation of the power of love.

    1. I'm so encouraged by your kind affirmation.
      Thank you for everything

  5. Very nice poem.
    Love never dies as you say :)

    1. I see we both have a star
      Thank you for joining us believers