Sunday, April 10, 2016

Does Time Exist to Every Driver Ever 
Lovers wonder about time 
While others wonder about drivers 

Does Time Exist (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Does time exist amidst two lovers’ lips
When in forgotten realms they chance to meet
An endless fantasy they now repeat
In worlds which dreams created for such slips
Does time stand still for memories recall
The music made by legends long ago
A beat that every lover’s heart will know
A song through every lover’s lips will fall
What callousness would miss the bliss here made
Or try to pry a moment that is due
Another world which it’s not privy to
Then put its ignorance upon parade
Does time exist in moments close to this
Why waste our time with words when we could kiss

A Shakespearean sonnet that toys with minds with words. One moment, two lovers questioning time. Notice how this sonnet uses the words "Does time". Isn't it ironic that this sonnet should end the way it does? (Instead of talking, let's kiss.) Or is this a message? 

Time is another fascination of mine. We hear people say all of the time, "Time is too short." I am from the school of thinking, that believes time is relative. For me, time seems to go by slowly. There are hints others may feel the same as me. Perhaps you have experienced dreams that seem to last for hours, when only minutes have passed by. I have not done any studies on this, so I am not qualified to give any advice on this. All I know is that my days were filled. There seemed to be enough time to do all Arlene and I wanted. I recall wishing there was more time. Realizing there was only so much time, some moments may never happen again, Arlene and I learned to make the most of our moments, our time. Like the ending of the sonnet we invested in action, rather than words. 
What I am suggesting is: There might be more to time than we think. Keep in mind that moments only come around once. Make the most of them. Season each second with the positive person we are. It is our time, use is it as you please. And if you have to use it for life's necessities or to serve society, shine.shine, shine. Be that star memories, possibilities are bound to. Time may be short or it may be long or it may be perfect, but it is ours to enjoy. 

Let's use a little of our time to enjoy the jazz of: Jonathan Cain "Lost in A Kiss" 

There is always time to laugh - So let's poke some fun at drivers 

The most expensive vehicle ever sold was a 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe which sold for $8,700,000.00. Who is going to drive  a 8.7 million dollar car? I'm sure someone will. Drivers are crazy. At least Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, think so. After minutes of research, the boys have thrown together this video. 
What do Andrew and Anthony really know about drivers, one may ask. Well... nothing. "EVERY DRIVER EVER" 

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Time is the most valuable 
thing a man can spend. 


  1. Oh time exists - but is more flexible than elastic. A moment can last an eternity or slip away before it has begun.

    1. Believe me, I have learned how to make it long. It was great for the happy moments, But now I am stuck with a time that is going way too slow.
      Thank you for listening to me.

  2. The only time I have is being fully present within each moment I'm in; outside from that . . . I'm no longer here.

    1. I think that is the secret.
      Sounds simple, but it takes awareness.
      Thank you for the insight

  3. I like your optimistic look on time.

    1. We all have a choice of how to view our world, don't we
      Thank you for the part you play