Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Doors to 'Lincoln' the Kung Fu Movie (Trailer) 
As we age some doors close and new doors open 
One of those new doors is Abraham Lincoln as a Kung Fu movie  

Doors (English sonnet) 

So many doors are closing now to me
The places that I loved to fondly go
These sources of another’s memory
Devoured by an unknown afterglow
Those once so pleasant refrains now reap pain
Each lane now echoes of a seasoned past
A past not even reason would sustain
A past enhanced beyond its need to last
And so I sift through riddles of my mind
To grasp at reasons that has brought me here
Into a season which became so strange
I find it’s time to leave my past behind
And gaze into the future without fear
To open doors that herald in a change 

An English sonnet that reaps in subtle word play. Starting with the second stanza, one might notice a hint of rhymes within rhymes (like "refrain" and "pain" in line 1, second stanza). This was done as an echo effect. The memories of the closed doors. 

An idea, a concept, a feeling we are all familiar with. As we travel down life's road some doors behind us close. Doors of our younger days. Doors of things we used to do. Doors of opportunities. Doors of things left undone. Doors of "I wish I would have". (We can fill up doors with doors.) Some doors close to a bitterness of a past. Some doors to treasures. Some doors to "it really doesn't matter".  There is an air of sadness for those things we can never do, never experience again. But there ahead are new doors. Doors waiting for us. Doors familiar. Doors to something new. One thing is certain. One thing we humans are denied. We cannot stay "here".  So as we proceed forward take joy in the treasure that is you. Would there be those doors, if not for you? So as we open that next door... enjoy. 

To go with the poem: Glen Campbell "Yesterday When I Was Young" 

In today's world this could really happen 

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president, signed legislation creating the U.S. Secret Service. Hours later, he was shot at Ford’s Theater. Strange as this may seem , there is a rumor that there is a rumor there is a new movie about Abraham Lincoln in the works. According to the rumor, this new, rather violent, movie contains never before known secrets about this legend. Mashable Watercooler somehow was able to get their hands on the movie's trailer. 
Rumor has it, Mashable Watercooler was responsible for starting the rumor. "'Lincoln' as a Kung Fu Movie | Trailer Mix" 

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Life is divided into three terms - 
that which was, which is, and which will be. 
Let us learn from the past to profit 
by the present, and from the present, 
to live better in the future. 
William Wordsworth


  1. Lovely poem. We move on and don't dwell on what we once could do, but doesn't do any harm thinking about it.

    1. Sounds to me, you're full of life. Enjoy!
      Thank you for the sunshine you bring me

  2. Replies
    1. Very sensitive of you to pick up on this.
      Thank you for this comment

  3. Liked the use of internal rhymes. Doors within doors within doors...such a cool metaphor!

    1. With your cleverness! This is a real compliment.
      Thank you