Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dreamer's Path to Behind The Scenes of iPhone 6s Timer 
Tankas on the theme of dreams 
What does Cookie Monster dream about 

Was It A Dream (tanka) 

Searching through the sands
For what was left long ago
Or was it a dream
At the verge of endless sea
Those castles built to the stars

Dreamer’s Path (tanka) 

People would listened
As the dreamer weaved a path
Of wonders waiting
Just beyond the shores of chance
Where moments meet never was

Garden Of Moments (tanka) 

Garden of moments
Filled with fragrances of Joy
Made upon a dream
Calling young lovers return
Into its soft evermore

A tanka, or short poem, is a genre of classical Japanese poetry. A tanka consist of five line usually with the following beat pattern (based on syllables) of: 5-7-5-7-7. A tanka does not have to rhyme. 
One of the top tanka writers on Blogspot is Rika Inami. Hit this link and be taken to her blog. 

We all have dreams. But believe it or not there are some who never pursue them. What is a dream but a mere projection of us: our hopes, our wishes, our desires. I believe our dreams have no place being shut off in our sleep. We should, we can live our dreams. Easy for me to say who was paid to dream by an oil company and had a fraternity, with a lot of money, urging me and my dreams on. My personal dreams were generally pretty realistic: To take a beautiful girl places. Arlene was beautiful and I live in California. Oh sure there were other dreams accomplished. Arlene was a bit more fantasy driven. Her dreams were accomplished via various dress up role playing adventures at game conventions we'd frequent. It is hard to convince me, we all can't realize our dreams.
But Martin, I want to own a home and live in San Francisco, like you. Is this what we really want? Is this what we see when we close our eyes? Yes, owning a home in San Francisco is nice, but it wasn't Arlene's or my dream. It was Arlene's mother's dream. Okay, maybe it was good for us. The point is to live your dreams. And we can. Stay focused on the things you really want. Some dreams require work and maybe some sacrifice. But it is better to pursue our dreams , than to spend a lifetime wishing we did. 
Dreams are real. Don't limit them to our sleep. I believe, we can all live our dreams. All it takes is realizing that first dream to know the rest are possible. Live your dreams! Enjoy! 

To go with theme: The Shadows "Sleepwalk" 

Some dream of mansions others dream of cookies  

Oreos, probably America's favorite cookies, were first developed and produced by the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) in 1912 at its Chelsea, Manhattan factory in the current-day Chelsea Market complex. My favorite cookie is any peanut butter cookie. Cookie Monster likes any cookie. Speaking of Cookie Monster, he just recently finish stating in the very successful iPhone 6s commercial. No, we are not going to show the commercial. Instead we have the rare footage of what happened behind the scenes. 
Grab your favorite cookies and enjoy. "iPhone 6s - Timer - Behind The Scenes" 

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Pursue your dreams. 
You will be amazed about what you can achieve.
Lailah Gifty Akita


  1. Dreams are as unique as the individual. Some border on fantasy, and others are indeed wishes. And they are a delightful place to escape too when the world is dark.

    1. You seem to me a person who knows how to live a dream.
      Thank you for giving us your valued input

  2. thats a lovely video of scenery and places.
    Interesting are dreams..

    1. Cong from you, that is quite a compliment.
      Thank you for your blessings

  3. I like these short sweet poems. They are lovely!