Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dreams Across The Sky to How to be a Classical Musician 
One man yearns to learn how to show his love 
One man yearns to learn how to be a classical musician 

Dreams Across The Sky (Shakespearean sonnet) 

And if I cast my dreams across the sky
So every mountain dawns reality
To echo to sweet flowers what they see
A passing breeze will carry their reply
Or if I change the color of the moon
So all the magic hidden in the night
Brings fantasies that dance concealed to light
The wishes people put away too soon
Perhaps I’ll teach a rainbow how to sing
Each melody a hue upon a heart
What wonders will these shades of Joy impart
To help a soul that wanders winter’s spring
Please ease my heart and tell me what to do
To dedicate the love I have for you 

A Shakespearean sonnet or song of a lovesick lover. Each quatrain paints a wild (but romantic) image. Each is possible only through the eyes of  a lover. (And somehow we see it too.) Now here is the real quandary of this sonnet. When we reach the rhyming couplet, we think we have reached the point of the poem. But if we think about it, isn't the rhyming couplet as much of a dream as the images drawn up in the quatrains? 

I admit it. I'm a lovesick lover. If you have read some of previous editions, you may have come across some of my wild expressions of love. Here is another one. I had a friends who sold a restaurant he owned. The person who bought it didn't do so well, so my friend bought the restaurant back at a profit. My friend decided to use some of the money he made to remodel. Here's where I come in. My friend couldn't open for business until all the inspections were completed. My friend, a brother mason, owed me a big favor (in his mind), so he offered to open his restaurant to just Arlene and me (until the inspections were completed). I'm from the school that believes Valentines is not limited to February 14. I surprised Arlene with Valentines  a couple times a year. So guess where I took Arlene for Valentines one night in September? We had a restaurant all to ourselves. 
Whew, that took more than expected. I think I missed the point I was trying to make. It is unclear all that love encompasses. Rather than trying to question it or analyze it, I'm suggesting to go with it. Believe it or not, even simple things like telling your partner how good looking they are or an unexpected kiss or hug helps put some meaning to love. Love is such an important part of life that life may open up an opportunity or two for us to express our love. Don't let these treasure slip by, no matter how unbelievable or how seemingly small. There is no "small" when it comes to love. And dreams... What are they, really? Arlene and I had a whole restaurant to ourselves. But what did it matter when I gazed into her eyes? Accept this blessing of love that life has given us. Revel in it. Dream with it. Rejoice in each heartbeat. And with each passing moment, enjoy. 

Okay, you lovers: Forever Gentlemen "Fly Me To The Moon" 

Thinking of taking up classical music to enhance romance 

Most people agree, the violin is the hardest instrument to learn how to play. That's not surprising. What is surprising is the French horn comes in as the second hardest to learn instrument on many poles. There are many more instruments available for those thinking about becoming a classical musician. IFHT and CBC Music have put together some easy to follow step for those interested in switching from a successful career as a McDonald's clerk to a classical musician. 
No, the Beatles are not classical music (yet). "How to be a Classical Musician" 

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The garden of love is green without limit 
and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. 
Love is beyond either condition: without spring, 
without autumn, it is always fresh. 


  1. Marvellous you had the restaurant to yourselves on a date!. As you said, didn't have to be Valentine's Day - everyday it Valentine's Day in my house.

    1. You are so lucky and beautiful too, I bet.
      If one wants a lovely flower, one must care for it.
      Thank you for the motivation

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for saying so.
      Your kind words are always appreciated