Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easy to Parents Find Out Their Daughter Makes Jewelry
Lovers learn something is wrong with their love 
Parents learn something is wrong with their daughter 

Easy (English sonnet) 

So easy to sit in judgment of me
So easy to sit in judgment of you
But stretch out our hands and what will we do
We might just enjoy a new point of view
So easy for words to tell us we’re through
So easy for words to mask what we see
But stretch out our hands to all that might be
We might just renew the dreams we once knew
We’re not even sure of what brought us here
An ill-gotten trance or a stubborn stance
This endless empty expression of why
Not easy to listen to source of a tear
But stretch out our hand to this our chance
We might just meet love in this one more try 

Let's spend a moment to look at what is going on in this English sonnet. In the first stanza, the fourth line doesn't rhyme with the first line, as it should. There is something wrong. The first two stanzas give a calm, level headed view of what is going on. It isn't until the first triplet, that the possible causes, for the lovers, is addressed. Notice that the line, "But stretch out our hands..." (introduced in te first stanza), comes back in the last triplet. Why? What is the message of this sonnet? Is there hope for these lovers? 

Besides visiting people in the hospital, I was also called to listen to people's problems. My fellow Masons thought I had all the answers. The truth was, I was a good listener. Some of these problems were of a personal nature. I was not qualified to give any advise or direction. Luckily for me, as an individual laid out their dilemma, they saw their direction in the words, ideas and pictures they expressed. All I had to do was listen. I was very successful and lucky.
Sometimes I was called because of relationship issues. I was taken back. Arlene and I rarely, if ever, argued while we were dating. The fighting didn't start until the magic of our wedding wore off. It was weird that we didn't see what we were doing to ourselves. One day. a friend of ours gave Arlene and I a set of soft batacas (bats) to use on each other. Was this how people saw us? We didn't have to use the batacas on each other to open our eyes and maybe we should talk. 
It didn't matter if Arlene listed to me (I'm sure she did). All that mattered was that I listened to her, Listening is such a useful blessing, gift. With so many individuals wanting to talk, it is a good listener who is prized. While talkers expound the me, a good listener experiences the we. And relationships...And the world... And that which is us... Take it all in. Listen and enjoy. 

And to go with the poem: Groove Armada "Think Twice" 

It seems that each day new diseases are discovered 

On October 14, 2015 Danish researchers. studying the malaria parasite, may have stumbled on the cure for cancer. Finally we may see the end of a disease that has plagued mankind for who know how long. Just as we are about to close the doors on one disease a new malady rears its ugly head. Imagine that you are the parent of a beautiful young lady with a new crippling disorder, for which there is no cure. 
What would you do? "When Parents Find Out Their Daughter Makes Jewelry" 

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Deep listening is miraculous for both listener 
and speaker. When someone receives us 
with open- hearted, non-judging, intensely 
interested listening, our spirits expand. 
Sue Patton Thoele


  1. Listening is a sadly underrated skill. And too really listen takes, like so many things of value, work and practise.

    1. This is a good and bad thing. Good for us valued listeners. Bad because everyone should practice more.
      As always, Thank you

  2. Beautiful poem! I think listening to each other is so important, thanks for that reminder today.