Friday, April 15, 2016

Gentle Tune to Shout Shucking Oysters 
Lovers gently whisper under the moon 
Chefs shouts open oysters 

Gentle Tune (round) 

Alone with lover in the silent moon
She asked of me the dreams I had in view
I held the only one I ever knew
And for her warmth I sang this gentle tune
A paradise were everlastings grow
Beside the tides where lovers’ longings strewn
And whispered winds make heaven’s passions swoon
Tis there where all my treasured wishes flow
Where streams of rainbows captivate the day
Where every scent of life a fragrant glow
Where hearts hold dreams now knowing it is so
And in my arms and soul will always stay
The stars of heaven sprinkled down their dew
As dream of heaven turned her glow my way
In everlasting ever I would stray
As kiss would make a gentle tune come true 

This doesn't follow the traditional sonnet rhyme scheme, yet it looks like an Italian sonnet. I guess we could call it that. But let's look at the rhyme scheme. ABBA CAAC DCCD BDDB. As the poem progresses, the first and fourth rhyme sounds becomes the second and third.  So why did we go with a round instead of an Italian sonnet? Clue: Two lovers on a moonlit night. 

I look back at my time and realize how lucky I was. There was a time when movies weren't quite as good. Movie theaters weren't quite as crowded. It was a time when lovers made out at the movies. There was a time when there were ice cream parlors. Places where couples could enjoy an ice cream treat while enjoying the latest hit songs. There was a time, in San Francisco, when a couple could stroll without bumping into crowds of people. The wharves and parks and streets were waiting just for us. 
What does this have to do with the poem, one may wonder. I'm certain we all had our moments under the moon. Those precious times that will never return. Remember, the poem is a round. The "kisses", the "places", the "ice cream parlors", may not last. Keep this in our minds, in our hearts. Do not let those moments go idly. Make the most of them. Let them find a haven in forever. Sometimes, when Arlene and I kissed, we were back in those theaters, enjoying a bad movie. If Arlene and I were taken back, so can we all. This life, this time, this moment is ours. Let us all be lucky. Let us all enjoy. 

How about a little Spanish guitar: Govi "Lovers Moon" 

How about some oysters with that kiss 

An oyster filters about 30 to 50 gallons of water a day, which makes oysters not only tasty creatures, but good-for-the-environment as well. Michael Carbonaro, an actor and magician, has recently found a new use for oysters. They can also be used in magic. Even more than that. They can be used to blow one's mind. 
So get ready to take down Michael Carbonaro's recipe for laughter. "The Carbonaro Effect - 'Shout Shucking' Oysters" 

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The minute I heard my first love story, 
I started looking for you, not knowing 
how blind that was. Lovers don't finally 
meet somewhere. They're in each other 
all along. 


  1. Cherished moments are more valuable than gold. And more precious than rubies.

    1. Forever ours.
      Thank you for the great thought

  2. Your "Gentle Tune" poem is very lovely!

    1. So glad you enjoyed.
      Thank you for the inspiration